Author: Kezstar24

Chapter One Hundred and One: The PCC

 “The Pleasantville Community Committee are a group that believes in Pleasantville.” Peter Masters read from the pamphlet. “We stand behind our Council and our Mayor, and we entrust them to protect us and make Pleasantville the best city it can be.”

“That's a no from me!” Belle gasped. “I bet this is Demons response to the PRO!”

“I don't think so.” Charlie looked at the pamphlet. “I think this is purely on the people of Pleasantville who are on the side of the Council.”

“I really don't get what people think they're going to achieve by keeping the status quo. Do they think Chuckles and Giggles are going to turn into monsters or something?” Belle groaned.

“I don't know what we're going to do.” Peter sighed, sitting down at the Masters table. “The city is almost completely split in half. This is going to get really messy, really fast.”

“We have to get Sammy out of gaol first.” Belle said.

“If we can.” Lara pointed out.

Belle scowled at her. “We WILL get Sammy out of gaol. I swear it.”

Sammy wasn't having the worst time of it, but it definitely wasn't a top ten moment of his life either. He was at least in his own cell, whereas other cells had three or four inmates.

There was a small window that looked out to the prison grounds, and Sammy could see the street beyond. Apart from that, there was nothing to do. He got let out for an hour to walk around the yard no matter the weather, but the other 23 hours of the day were in his cell.

“SAM! Hey SAMMY!” Two days into his incarceration, he woke up to see TJ tapping on the cell door.

“TJ!” Sammy jumped up and met his friend at the cell bars.

“Are you okay? Have you got plenty of food? Is the toilet and sink functioning?” TJ asked, feeling relieved that his best friend was okay for now.

“I'm fine.” Sammy grinned.

“Thank goodness. Petunia and Tammy are having a fit. Belle is trying to look up your case and get you out.” TJ told him.

A loud “Hmph!” sounded from another cell, so TJ looked for it. That's when he noticed it.

Every person in those cells had the same dark skin as Sammy did.

“Um…Sammy…” TJ's mouth felt like sawdust.

Sammy looked confused, before he followed TJ's eye-line. He shrugged when he realised what TJ was referring to. “Oh, that? I thought you knew.”

“That the police force is racist? Of course, but I didn't think it was THIS racist.” TJ felt sick.

“Yeah, you never notice until it's your buddy do ya mate?!” Someone nearby yelled. TJ flinched.

“Don't worry about it.” Sammy tried to console his friend.

“Yeah, don't worry about us! Just make sure you get your buddy out, he's the only one who matters!” Yelled someone else.

“Look, just go back and do your job. See if you can't figure things out with the others.” Sammy pushed TJ away. “I'll be fine!”

TJ swallowed. “I'll get you out mate. I swear it.” He said quietly before scampering away through scoffs and sneers.

“Every one of them?” Belle asked.

“Every. Last. One.” TJ replied, pale.

They were sitting at the tip in one of the Knights of the Last Order hidey-holes as the humidity and temperature were on the rise in Pleasantville.

“I have to look this up.” Belle pulled out her laptop and began to type frantically. Daniel cleared his throat.

“It's not your fault mate.” He began.

“I never even NOTICED. Ignorance is just as bad as racism!” TJ cried.

“It gets worse. They shouldn't even BE there. Everyone in that cell block committed the most minor of offences.” Belle scrolled through the list.

Tammy sat quietly, fiddling with her hair.

“We've got him. If this gets out, Dingbat is THROUGH.” Belle grinned gleefully.

“I'm happy for you.” Tammy said quietly.

“He's a big supporter of Demon as well, so that will be a blow!” Charlie high-fived his best friend.

“What about the people in the gaol?” Tammy asked.

“And once the supporters of Demon start to fall, it's only a matter of time until we can get Dad in there!” Belle looked rapt.

Tammy sighed, and walked away.

“Tammy?” TJ asked.

Tammy pretended she hadn't heard and continued to walk.

“TAMMY!” Petunia ran after her.

“I'm glad you're going to get rid of Demon, but what about those people in the gaol?” Tammy said, eyes shining with tears.

“Of course we're going to get them out!” Belle looked horrified. “And we're gonna make it so no one goes back into gaol based purely on the colour of their skin!”

She flew (figuratively) into the den and with a bit of huffing and puffing flew back out again (literally) as Giggles.

“I'll be back, I'm taking this straight to City Hall and get these people cleared!” She flew towards the city. Charlie made to follow her, but then he remembered how easy it was for Demon to manipulate him. He sighed, and sat down, feeling utterly useless.

And yes, the Backpack gave out along the way.


Another person took the microphone and continued. “WE WILL NOT BE THREATENED INTO SILENCE. WE WILL DEFEND OUR CITY TO THE BITTER END!”

The cheers grew louder and louder, until Giggles flew overhead. Then the jeers and the boos started.

“Well that's just plain rude.” Giggles frowned as she landed on the steps of City Hall. “Looks like the PCC wasted no time in getting their rally on – HEY, NO!”

If you guessed that the Haunted Maze Troupe would make another random appearance, congratulations. They were busy giving out “lollies” and “drinks” to the rally, and Giggles knew exactly what was going down.

“Naughty! NO! Go on, shoo!” Giggles flew over and started to shoo the Troupe away. Almost immediately she was assaulted with:

“They're allowed to ply their trade!”

“Stop harassing them!”


“Leave hard-working citizens alone!”


Suddenly a bottle flew towards her head, followed by an apple core, a chip packet and another bottle. Giggles sighed, before taking off again and heading into City Hall to talk to Demon. If this was the Pleasantville Community Committee then they could shove their community spirit!

She walked in, thankful that there was air conditioning in the office at least. It crossed her mind that the hot, muggy weather wasn't going to do much to help tensions within the city. She groaned, and walked towards Demons office.

“Excuse me – oh, it's you. What do you want NOW?” Demon Jones looked up from his desk, annoyed.

“Why does the colour of a persons skin decide their punishment in this city?” Giggles snapped.

Demon groaned, with a roll of his eyes.

“It's not just “this city”, it's every city in Ostraya.” He returned to his paperwork.

“Release them. Now. None of their crimes deserve a gaol sentence.” Giggles snapped. “Especially when THEY HAVE ALREADY PAID THEIR PARKING TICKET.”

“Fine.” Demon grumbled. “Just give me a list of names and they'll be released.”

“Also I want Wallace Dingbat stood down.” Giggles pressed.

Demon looked back up at her. “You want me to stand down my number one supporter? Giggles, really.”

“Dingbat is the head of the police force, and thus is the one answerable for these crimes against people of colour.” Giggles snapped. “He needs to be brought into line.”

“Giggles. Giggles, Giggles, Giggles.” Demon shook his head. “I'll give him a warning, but that's it. I'm not firing my best employee.”

“He's clearly NOT your best employee if he's exceedingly racist! What about REAL crime?!” Giggles snapped.

“Well, I thought you had a good handle on that.” Demon replied with a smirk. “Now, out of my office please. And don't try and pull one of your guns on me, we both know you won't fire.”

Giggles seethed. So she did the next best thing, and pulled out the Lucky Seven Gun. She fired it at the light above Demons head, showering him in glass and leaving the room too dark to work in.

Pettiness has its place.

Chapter One Hundred: The Sixth Clause

 “Hey Belle, you're not gonna…why are you reading?” Charlie climbed out of his window and into the tree one Saturday afternoon.

“I'm relaxing! YOU try putting up with Demon trying to turn you evil every day!” Belle fired back, her nose firmly in her book.

“RELAXING?!” Charlie looked at the large book incredulously. “That looks like a full workout!”

“Ha. Ha. Ha.” Belle snapped. “It's actually the story of how our families became friends.”

“Why would you need to read that? Everyone knows the story!” Charlie asked.

“Because when stories get passed down verbally, things tend to get missed. I think I'm the first person who's bothered reading this in three generations!” Belle pointed out.

“And how does the full story aid us now?” Charlie asked.

“I TOLD you, I'm RELAXING!” Belle groaned. “Not everything I read is for research purposes!”

“Hmph.” Charlie settled down next to her. “Anything interesting in there?”

500 years ago

The Warring Nation, led by the evil Masters Family, had taken over most of the Great Nations. Only a few provinces remained, and the Peridot Isle, ruled by the Begly Family was one of them.

“The Warring Army is huge. We have no chance if we tackle them head-on.” Count Arnold told the small war council assembled in the Begly Castle.

“They haven't shown any signs that they're interested in us yet. Maybe we should ignore them for the time being.” Captain Fern of the Peridot Army suggested.

“No. I think we need to strike before they have a chance to even think of us.” Steven Begly, ruler of the Peridot Isle, pored over his maps. “Our intelligence suggests that the Warring Army isn't very loyal to the Masters Family anyway, and are ruled by fear. If we could somehow get in there and remove the family, we could very well liberate the Great Nations from the Warring Nation grasp.”

“Which would be highly beneficial for us in the long term. Gratitude makes people more likely to be agreeable.” Count Arnold mused.

“Can you NOT make everything about profits?” Fern snapped.

“Enough.” Steven barked. The two stopped bickering. “Fern, I'm going to task you with getting rid of the entire Masters family. Cut the head of the fish off, and the rest of the body will rot. Once the Masters are gone, we can start to put things right.”

“Yes sir!” Fern saluted.

“Take my son with you. Especially as you're pregnant.” Steven continued.

“Wha-?!” Fern gasped as Arnold choked.

“I'm not blind my dear. I know you and John are very, VERY close, especially by how he talks about you. Congratulations by the way, and I look forward to meeting my grandchild.” Steven peered at his maps. “You're dismissed.”

It took Fern five seconds to process everything. “Y-yes Sir! Good day Sir!” She bolted from the meeting room.

She headed straight to her quarters, where she knew John would be waiting for her.

“We're busted. Your Dad sends his blessings.” Fern said flatly as she walked in, seeing her lover sitting by the door.

“How'd he find out?!” John jumped up, horrified.

“I'm going to take a guess and say you goofed. Again.” Fern raised an eyebrow at him. “Talk to your father about me much?”

John opened his mouth, then stopped. He blinked. “Whoops?”

Fern groaned.

The plan had been put in motion, and the Masters family died in agony, the victims of a mass poisoning. There was mass confusion, anger, terror and wonder at who had dared to assassinate the rules of the Warring Nation.

Of course, in the confusion, no one noticed that the baby Masters had gone missing.

“John. I love you. I am going to have ONE child with you. Please tell me why you’re now stealing a second baby, and the child of our enemies at that?!” Fern cried when she found her lover in a covered wagon headed back for the Peridot Isle nursing the unfortunate child.

“He’s cute, and innocent, and sweet, and yes he might have just bitten me but he’s just a baby!” John pleaded, shaking his now sore fingers.

“He's a MASTERS, he's probably born evil!” Fern groaned.

“Well, it's too late now. We're on our way home and now we have two sons.” John smiled.

“You don't know what I'm having. I could have a neutral for all you know.” Fern snapped.

“I'm certain it will be a son.” John grinned at her.

Fern was furious when it was proven John was right, and a son was born. Together, they named their son Montague, and they gave the Masters baby the name of Maurice. They hoped the boys would become friends, thus ending the violent history of the Masters and creating a new future for the family.

They had thought only problem would be trying to keep the Masters child under control. The boy was far too smart for his own good, and could nearly always talk himself out of trouble, but at least he wasn't nearly as bad as Montague. Montague manged to get a bad idea into his head at least thrice a week and was always in trouble, compared to his more reserved best friend.

Somehow Maurice and Montague were great friends, although completely different. Maurice often sat in his room reading up everything he could, while Montague got himself into trouble at every opportunity. Many of his plans came close to working, but just lacked the polish needed to get away with it. It was never malicious, and was often just childish pranks, but it was indeed most unbecoming for a future ruler.

It was while Montague was being scolded for another misdemenour that Maurice found out the truth – that the Begly family had poisoned his parents to stop them from causing war. Maurice was furious, and stormed in just as John was about to give Montague a good walloping.

“WHAT IS THIS?!” Maurice cried, holding the book in front of him that had the details of the plot. “You're the reason I'm an orphan!”

“I thought I was your brother?” Montague asked as John sighed.

“You don't understand what your family was doing Maurice.” John told the boy who was fuming. “They were destroying everything.”

“Says you.” Maurice looked equal parts livid and devastated. “I should kill you where you stand.”

“You need to see what your family did before you decide that.” John said.

“I thought we were your family.” Montague looked hurt.

“I'm sending you and Montague to the former Warring Nation. See how bad things still are because your family insisted on war.” John said. Suddenly he had a knife at his throat.

“MO-MO NO!” Montague cried, trying to pull Maurice away.

“Why should I let you all live? Why?” Maurice was poised to strike, swatting Montague away. He was about to slit Johns throat, when Montague grabbed his arm.

“Mo-Mo! Please, let's just go!” Montague had tears in his eyes. Maurice looked at his best friend, before he dropped the knife.

“Fine.” He said coldly.

The boys left the next day. John hoped it would have the desired effect.

Maurice was shocked. He rode alongside Montague as they went through town after town of the old Warring Nation and saw the scars still there. People looked up at the two boys on horseback with scorn as they desperately scavenged for food, water and shelter.

“These people…they live in poverty…because of my family…” Maurice felt the worst he ever had.

“Yeah. I'm sorry that Father made you see this.” Montague looked at his best friend.

“No. This is what my family has done. This violence still lives in me…I can't be trusted.” Maurice choked back a sob. “I would have killed your Father if you hadn't stopped me.”

“Mo-Mo…” Montague looked sad.

After a few days they went back home to the Peridot Isle, where Maurice stayed locked in his room for two weeks.

“Is he even eating anything?” Fern was worried about the boy as another nearly full tray was returned from his room.

“I'm going to try and speak to him again.” Montague got up and went to bang on the door of his best friend. “MAURICE! GET OUT HERE!”


Montague felt irked. So he opened the door (surprised to find it was still unlocked) to find Maurice surrounded by books and carefully writing on a piece of parchment.

“What are you writing?” Montague looked at the parchment. Maurice moved aside, looking hollow.

“I, Maurice Masters, swear the following: I will never kill another human being again. I will always respect my elders, even if I don't agree with them. I will endeavour to dress nicely and appropriately. I will never hold back, and will fight forever for what is right.” Was written on the parchment.

“Wow. I don't think you've ever actually killed anyone though.” Montague pointed out.

“My family did.” Maurice said hollowly.

“And the line about dressing nicely?”

“I'm vain Monty, don't judge me.”

“Well, you're gonna have to add an extra clause in there. You have to believe in yourself again Mo-Mo, because if you don't, you're never going to be able to be better.” Montague told his friend.

Maurice smiled wryly, and added an extra line. “Most of all, I will always believe. Signed, Maurice Masters.”

“Happy now?” He showed Montague, who nodded.

“That's great. Anyway, I'm going to go and steal some apples, so I'll catch you later.” Montague headed out of the room.

“Fine…fine…not fine!” Maurice suddenly tweaked up. His best friend was going to get himself in trouble…AGAIN! Quickly, Maurice scribbled another line on his vow.

“I will always keep that idiot Begly from letting his plans get out of hand, no matter how improbable it is that I OR the plan will succeed!”

Then he bolted after Montague, who was already hiding under the stairs as the apples were being brought in from the apple cart.

“Montague! Will you think this through?!” Maurice cried in a hushed whisper.

“I have!” Montague replied. “I just wait until they head back to the cart for more apples then sneak in and steal a few!”

“You forgot that the guards are literally standing right there.” Maurice said drily.

Montague blinked. “No trouble!” He cried, as the delivery boy headed out for another barrel of apples.

“MONTAGUE!” Maurice bolted after his best friend…and was caught by the guards! He looked around frantically, but couldn't see Montague anywhere.

“And what are YOU doing young Masters?” The guard eyed him off.

“I was just…nothing.” Maurice sighed.

“That's right. These apples are for winter, NOT for now. Now go on, off you go!” The guard gave the boy a good shake before casting him aside.

Still smarting, Maurice headed back to his room, where he passed Montague…with several apples!

“My plan worked!” Montague cried in glee. “Because you ran out, you got caught and I could hide!”

Maurice felt his eye twitching as he stormed back up to his room and did his best to remove the last clause, forever known as the Improbability Clause, from his stupid list of vows.

“Bloody stupid Begly!”

“Oh wow!” Charlie cried. “THAT'S where the Improbability Clause comes from!”

“Of course it would be a Masters invention.” Belle grinned. “Wonder what Dad will say when he finds out.”

“Oh right! Speaking of finding out, I have news!” Charlie remembered. “Sammy got arrested last night!”

“WHAT?!” Belle screamed.

“Plus there's also-,”


“I just found out!” Charlie pouted. “Besides, that's only HALF the news!”

“And the other half is?” Belle looked murderous.

“The PCC.” Charlie groaned.

Belle blinked. “What's the PCC?”

Chapter Ninety-Nine: The PRO

 “I loathe, detest, despise, and ultimately HATE Mayor Demon Jones with the utmost passion.” Belle seethed as she and Charlie pulled up to the Masters home in the old Elantra.

“Trust me, he's not anyones favourite person. Even his own daughter thinks he's a piece of work.” Charlie commiserated with his best friend as he got out of the car. “That being said, you shouldn't let it make you an overly aggressive driver.”

(Driving tip: Driving when angry makes you a dangerous and scary driver)

“I would really, REALLY like to know how he got voted in as Mayor, because it doesn't make the slightest lick of sense at all.” Belle mused as she checked the mail after nearly taking out the garage door in her erratic parking attempt. “Even if previous Mayors were under the control of the various crime syndicates in town, they still had the illusion of being impartial.”

“I doubt we'll ever have an answer to that.” Charlie said.

“Junk…bills…Dad's magazine…the Pleasantville Revolution Organization?” Belle went through the mail.

“Pleasantville what now?” Charlie asked.

“The Pleasantville Revolution Organization aims to change the culture of our city.” Belle began to get excited as she read. “We want to improve the lives of all citizens, without the constant fear that has plagued the city since inception.”

“Oh…my…GLOB!” Charlie began to get excited too. “The people are finally starting to stand up! We're winning!”

“Oh this is a HUGE blow to Demon!” Belle rushed inside. “DADDY! DADDY LOOK!”

“Belle! I'm not young anymore!” Peter Masters groaned as Belle flung herself at him. “Now what's going on?”

“The Pleasantville Revolution Organization!” Belle grinned.

“We're finally beating Demon!” Charlie added.

Peter took a look at the leaflet, reading parts of it aloud. “Well done Beauty, it looks like the people of Pleasantville are finally coming to their senses. Hopefully this can keep gathering momentum heading into election year.”

“That sounds awesome.” Lara walked over from the kitchen. Belle composed herself somewhat, her aura getting frosty.

“I guess this means there's a chance for me this time.” Peter mused. “Maybe this time I can beat Jones and whichever corrupt third party they throw up and become Mayor myself.”

“This is a great platform for you to work off love.” Lara hugged him.

Belle narrowed her eyes. Charlie sighed. Things still weren't patched up between Lara and Belle.

“I'm going upstairs. Later.” Belle left the couple and trudged up to her room. Charlie followed, worried.

“Belle, surely you and Lara are good now.” Charlie asked as they sat down on Belles bed. “You've forgiven your father, why not your mother?”

Belle bristled.

“She IS your mother Belle. You might not be blood, but she would die for you just like she would for Maddles and Ozzie.” Charlie continued.

Belle looked away.

“They both knew what they were getting into Belle, you know that.” Charlie pressed.

“Just drop it. Please.” Belle sighed.

Charlie knew it would be useless to pursue it any further.

Belle lay down on the bed and closed her eyes. “I'm tired.” She said.

“I know.” Charlie rubbed her foot. “But unfortunately my watch is going off and I think Lady Courage is in trouble.”

“Because of course she is.” Belle grumbled.

The PRO was in full voice against Crusader Roger and Crusader Daryl when Chuckles and Giggles arrived at the scene. In fact, it looked like Chuckles and Giggles wouldn't be needed at all.

“Sooooo…why are we here again? Besides moral support?” Chuckles grinned, watching the crowd chant loudly at the criminal organization that had tried to rob the fledgling museum.

“Sir Dark mentioned that Dingbat has completely withdrawn the police force. Something about not protecting idiots that get themselves in danger.” Lady Courage told them. “So I thought it would be a good idea in case we need to protect these guys from harm.”

“You're all sheep! Get out of our way!” Crusader Daryl roared furiously at the crowd, who booed him loudly.

“Wow. A whole heap of people putting themselves in danger for nothing and causing more of a disturbance than the robbery would. Can't believe this is what Pleasantville has come to nowadays.” Someone walked past, earning themselves hisses and jeers.

“WE are here, and we will protect those who stand up for their rights!” Giggles announced.

“We're Chuckles and Giggles, and we stand with the Knights of the Last Order to make sure Pleasantville is a safe place for everyone!” Chuckles added.

The PRO cheered loudly.

Crusader Roger groaned. “Daryl, we're leaving. This has been a bust.”

“We're giving up against a bunch of goons who would probably run at the first threat?!” Daryl cried angrily. He pulled out a shotgun, ready to attack.

The crowd quickly overwhelmed him before he could get out the first shot. The gun was knocked out of his hands as the PRO began raining blows on him. He tried to crawl away, but there were too many people.

“HELP ME!” He cried.

Giggles looked at Chuckles, who shrugged. Giggles groaned, and flew over to save Daryl.

“Take this as a warning. Leave Pleasantville and don't come back.” She told him as she flew him over to where Roger was waiting to drive off.

“Filthy scum. Don't you DARE tell me what to do. You're just my fathers lapdog. Pah to you!” Daryl lashed out as Roger took him away.

“I think that counts as a victory today.” Lady Luck beamed.

“If you insist.” Sir Dark still sounded doubtful.

“Come on, we finally have the backing of the people, why do you still look so down in the dumps? Is this because of work?” Petunia asked TJ later as they got changed back at the tip.

“You don't know Wallace Dingbat.” TJ warned. “I'm pretty sure he's firmly in the pocket of Demon, and if Demon decides on payback, he's going to use Dingbat to do it.”

Later on that night, Sammy got a knock on the door. He eased himself out of his very comfortable armchair and opened the door to immediate hostility.

“You're under arrest for inciting violence and starting a brawl.” Wallace Dingbat handcuffed him as two other officers forced him to the ground. “You have the right to remain silent…”

Sammy grimaced as he was led to the paddy wagon and rudely shoved in. So this was how Demon was going to respond to the formation of the PRO.

The young Knight of the Last Order had the sinking feeling he was about to become a scapegoat.

Chapter Ninety-Eight: A Short-Lived Victory

The bell rang to signify the end of another school day. After the hope of yesterday, today had been a disappointment.
Sammy was about to find out why.
“Ah, Mr. Samuel. Could I have a word to you about what my son was doing yesterday?” One of the parents approached him.
“Of course…” Sammy replied warily.
“I honestly don't believe that you should be wasting our childrens time with this wishy-washy huggy-wuggy rubbish.” The parent started.
“Of course YOU would. Your son has been attacking my daughter for weeks.” Another parent grumbled.
Sammy knew what was coming.
“My son is a respectful young man, if your young trollop can't dress appropriately-,”
Sammy quickly got between the two parents, but the damage was done. The second parent spat at the first and stormed out in a huff, and Sammy had to stop the first parent from storming after the second to thump them.
“It seems that there's a subsection of parents who don't want to take responsibility for parenting and letting our children suffer for it!” Another parent snapped.
“More like you're raising a pack of sooks who can't look after themselves!”
Sammy groaned.
“Hey Dan, hey 'Tunia…holy heck Sammy what happened?!” Belle rushed into Bills restaurant that evening.
“I had to stop a brawl at school today.” Sammy was deep into a very large chocolate cake and not letting up.
“It wasn't a BRAWL…although it did come close…” Tammy corrected him. “You managed to calm things down and send everyone home safely.”
“I guess I did.” Sammy began to feel better.
That was when Charlie burst in. “There's a HUGE fight happening outside of the primary school guys!” He immediately launched into his story. Belle shushed him while Sammy went pale.
“It could be something completely unrelated Sam, just eat your chocolate cake.” Lizzy tried to cheer her boyfriend up.
“What is going on, and why aren't you doing the dishes?” Bill walked out of the kitchen, throwing a sharp look at Lizzy.
“Problems at work.” Daniel quickly calmed everyone down. “Sam has had a very rough day.”
“First Teej, now Sam.” Petunia flopped into a chair.
“This is probably gonna get worse before it gets better guys.” Daniel pointed out.
“Why can't anything ever go smoothly for us?” Belle groaned.
“Because ratings.” Charlie quipped.
“Handy.” Belle replied drily as TJ walked in looking frazzled.
“Sammy, what did you DO?!” He cried. “Parents trying to kill each other all evening!”
“You're blaming ME?!” Sammy suddenly shot up, ready for a fight.
“Your name came up. A LOT.” TJ fired. “I had to sort the whole mess out AND write up the bloody report!”
“Oh you poor thing, it's not like you were threatened or anything!” Sammy snapped.
“I'm a COP, I'm always in danger!”
“Guys, chill out!” Tammy and Petunia tried to pull the pair apart while Daniel got between them.
“This isn't a good sign.” Belle said to Charlie.
“Gotta break a few eggs to make a delicious omelette.” Charlie shrugged back.
“Not in my dining area you don't!” Bill yelled, scaring everyone into silence.
“I heard about the school today. Sounds like your new education modules aren't very popular.” Demon read his report as Giggles sorted through her paperwork.
“There were always going to be teething issues.” Giggles replied, short and curt.
“Who said it was a bad thing? I'm actually quite impressed with the amount of chaos you caused in quite the underhanded fashion.” Demon smiled at her, making her recoil.
“That wasn't the point and you know it.” Giggles snapped.
“But it could have been.” Demon pointed out.
“Not on your life.” Giggles hissed.
“You really should consider embracing your power to its fullest extent. With your intelligence and the power of your little Backpack you could easily make Pleasantville the most profitable it has ever been.”
“If you come any closer I'm calling harassment.” Giggles pulled out both the Desert Eagle and the Lucky Seven Gun.
Demon smirked and leaned back in his chair. Everything seemed to be going well. He had already made sure to keep Chuckles out of the picture by mentioning Sapphire, all he had to do now was to get into the mind of Giggles and he could finally turn the two biggest thorns in his side into his greatest allies. He wouldn't have to worry about Marions mental health or Revolvers stupidity anymore.
“I'm just throwing the idea out there.” Demon backed off a little. “You could do wonders with your own syndicate behind you.”
Giggles bristled, and left the office through the window, throwing her paperwork at him as she left.
“Of course, if you can't even use a filing cabinet then the door than what's the use of you?” Demon groaned.

Chapter Ninety-Seven: What Happened to Sapphire

Giggles (of the Belle variety) was busy lecturing Demon on the long-term goals for the new University that was being built on the site of the old one. Demon, meanwhile, was nearly asleep.
“And THAT is why…mate, seriously!” Belle pulled out the Lucky Seven Gun and put it to Demons head.
“You're not going to shoot me, so why should I wake up?” Demon yawned.
Giggles pouted and put the gun away.
“Your friend Chuckles however…” Demon smirked. “He'd kill me, wouldn't he? After what I did to Sapphire?”
Giggles stiffened.
“Sapphire was the boys grandfather wasn't he? Awful, awful way for a senior citizen to die…but then, some of them do ask for it.” Demon mused.
Giggles itched to take out the Lucky Seven Gun and put a few bullets in the Mayor. Knowing that it would only ruin her chances of making any change however, she went for the next best thing.
“You want to hear about my idea for the Pleasantville Public School? The School was established a hundred and fifteen years ago…”
Demon wished he'd kept his mouth shut.
Sunny had just put Melody down for a nap and was about to tackle the job classifieds when Cyclone Belle struck.
“Hey Belle-Belle…whoa!” Sunny cried as Belle grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her into the cupboard under the stairs.
“Belle! What are you doing?!” Sunny hissed.
“I need to make sure Charlie doesn't hear us.” Belle told her.
“In a CUPBOARD?!” Sunny fumed.
“Your father brought up Sapphire today. He was trying to bait Giggles.” Belle said flatly.
“Sapphire? What Sapph…oh no.” Sunny groaned.
“Exactly.” Belle grimaced. “Charlie's pretty good about his grandfathers death, but if he was baited like Giggles was then it could get ugly, and it could cost us everything we've worked for. Charlie would never forgive himself if he let that happen.”
Sunny exhaled. “What are we going to do? Charlie won't like us keeping him away from City Hall, he wants to be a part of this as much as anyone.”
“We need to have a nice, calm, soothing conversation with him telling him the truth, while at the same time keeping him from going into a blood rage.” Belle told her.
“Oh this is so cool! You would not BELIEVE how well the children are responding to the new changes!” Sammy nearly knocked Daniel and TJ over as they walked to their hideout at the tip.
“Easy Sam! You're not ten anymore!” TJ laughed as Daniel picked Sammy up and threw the younger man over his shoulder. “Although to some people, you might as well be.”
“So Chuckles and Giggles have started to make a difference.” Daniel put Sammy down on the boot of a car.
“It's made teaching completely different, and today was only the first day!” Sammy grinned. “The kids were all talking and trying to work with each other. No tears, no fights, just a lot of learning!”
“Do I hear someone gushing over the brilliance of Chuckles and Giggles?” The voice of Charlie floated towards them.
“Yup!” Sammy waved. “Although it's more Giggles at the moment.”
The group laughed as Charlie slumped over. The ribbing continued as Belle, Sunny and Tammy arrived.
“Petunia got caught at work. She asked us to let you know she'll be home late and not to wait up.” Tammy told TJ.
TJ frowned.
“Anyway, we have to talk.” Belle began.
“But first we can have a bit of chocolate!” Sunny quickly cut in, holding up a large block of chocolate. Belle frowned at her.
“What is this?” She hissed at Sunny as the boys tore the block of chocolate apart.
Gentle.” Sunny whispered back.
“So what do we need to talk about?” Charlie said, popping some more chocolate in his mouth.
“Are we going to get any of that?” Tammy asked.
“Charlie, there's no easy way for us to say this.” Sunny said gently. “Unfortunately, my father has started playing dirty.”
“He tried to bait me by mentioning Sapphire.” Belle dropped the bombshell.
“He's had chocolate.” Belle shrugged.
Charlie gulped. It had been years since Charles Howzatt had been brutally killed by Demon in the final battle between the Death Valley Gang and the Mobsters of Misneach. Charlie had never forgotten either of his grandfathers, but there was still a sting to the memory of his maternal grandfather, who Charlie had been arguing with when he died.
“You're saying I can't go to City Hall because you're afraid I'll be baited.” Charlie breathed. “I understand.”
“I know you do. You might have a mouth the size of Marions mental health problems but you're a smart bloke.” Belle hugged her best friend.
“DO YOU HAVE A SINGLE SHRED OF SENSITIVITY IN YOUR BODY?!” Sunny nearly pulled her hair out.

Chuckles and Giggles – Chapter Seven

I used to LOVE school camp when I was a child. Especially Year 7 camp at Tallebudgera and Year 12 camp at Lake Perseverance. For Belle and Charlie, school camp is going to flip things upside down.

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