Chapter Ninety-Eight: A Short-Lived Victory

The bell rang to signify the end of another school day. After the hope of yesterday, today had been a disappointment.
Sammy was about to find out why.
“Ah, Mr. Samuel. Could I have a word to you about what my son was doing yesterday?” One of the parents approached him.
“Of course…” Sammy replied warily.
“I honestly don't believe that you should be wasting our childrens time with this wishy-washy huggy-wuggy rubbish.” The parent started.
“Of course YOU would. Your son has been attacking my daughter for weeks.” Another parent grumbled.
Sammy knew what was coming.
“My son is a respectful young man, if your young trollop can't dress appropriately-,”
Sammy quickly got between the two parents, but the damage was done. The second parent spat at the first and stormed out in a huff, and Sammy had to stop the first parent from storming after the second to thump them.
“It seems that there's a subsection of parents who don't want to take responsibility for parenting and letting our children suffer for it!” Another parent snapped.
“More like you're raising a pack of sooks who can't look after themselves!”
Sammy groaned.
“Hey Dan, hey 'Tunia…holy heck Sammy what happened?!” Belle rushed into Bills restaurant that evening.
“I had to stop a brawl at school today.” Sammy was deep into a very large chocolate cake and not letting up.
“It wasn't a BRAWL…although it did come close…” Tammy corrected him. “You managed to calm things down and send everyone home safely.”
“I guess I did.” Sammy began to feel better.
That was when Charlie burst in. “There's a HUGE fight happening outside of the primary school guys!” He immediately launched into his story. Belle shushed him while Sammy went pale.
“It could be something completely unrelated Sam, just eat your chocolate cake.” Lizzy tried to cheer her boyfriend up.
“What is going on, and why aren't you doing the dishes?” Bill walked out of the kitchen, throwing a sharp look at Lizzy.
“Problems at work.” Daniel quickly calmed everyone down. “Sam has had a very rough day.”
“First Teej, now Sam.” Petunia flopped into a chair.
“This is probably gonna get worse before it gets better guys.” Daniel pointed out.
“Why can't anything ever go smoothly for us?” Belle groaned.
“Because ratings.” Charlie quipped.
“Handy.” Belle replied drily as TJ walked in looking frazzled.
“Sammy, what did you DO?!” He cried. “Parents trying to kill each other all evening!”
“You're blaming ME?!” Sammy suddenly shot up, ready for a fight.
“Your name came up. A LOT.” TJ fired. “I had to sort the whole mess out AND write up the bloody report!”
“Oh you poor thing, it's not like you were threatened or anything!” Sammy snapped.
“I'm a COP, I'm always in danger!”
“Guys, chill out!” Tammy and Petunia tried to pull the pair apart while Daniel got between them.
“This isn't a good sign.” Belle said to Charlie.
“Gotta break a few eggs to make a delicious omelette.” Charlie shrugged back.
“Not in my dining area you don't!” Bill yelled, scaring everyone into silence.
“I heard about the school today. Sounds like your new education modules aren't very popular.” Demon read his report as Giggles sorted through her paperwork.
“There were always going to be teething issues.” Giggles replied, short and curt.
“Who said it was a bad thing? I'm actually quite impressed with the amount of chaos you caused in quite the underhanded fashion.” Demon smiled at her, making her recoil.
“That wasn't the point and you know it.” Giggles snapped.
“But it could have been.” Demon pointed out.
“Not on your life.” Giggles hissed.
“You really should consider embracing your power to its fullest extent. With your intelligence and the power of your little Backpack you could easily make Pleasantville the most profitable it has ever been.”
“If you come any closer I'm calling harassment.” Giggles pulled out both the Desert Eagle and the Lucky Seven Gun.
Demon smirked and leaned back in his chair. Everything seemed to be going well. He had already made sure to keep Chuckles out of the picture by mentioning Sapphire, all he had to do now was to get into the mind of Giggles and he could finally turn the two biggest thorns in his side into his greatest allies. He wouldn't have to worry about Marions mental health or Revolvers stupidity anymore.
“I'm just throwing the idea out there.” Demon backed off a little. “You could do wonders with your own syndicate behind you.”
Giggles bristled, and left the office through the window, throwing her paperwork at him as she left.
“Of course, if you can't even use a filing cabinet then the door than what's the use of you?” Demon groaned.

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