Chapter Ninety-Nine: The PRO

 “I loathe, detest, despise, and ultimately HATE Mayor Demon Jones with the utmost passion.” Belle seethed as she and Charlie pulled up to the Masters home in the old Elantra.

“Trust me, he's not anyones favourite person. Even his own daughter thinks he's a piece of work.” Charlie commiserated with his best friend as he got out of the car. “That being said, you shouldn't let it make you an overly aggressive driver.”

(Driving tip: Driving when angry makes you a dangerous and scary driver)

“I would really, REALLY like to know how he got voted in as Mayor, because it doesn't make the slightest lick of sense at all.” Belle mused as she checked the mail after nearly taking out the garage door in her erratic parking attempt. “Even if previous Mayors were under the control of the various crime syndicates in town, they still had the illusion of being impartial.”

“I doubt we'll ever have an answer to that.” Charlie said.

“Junk…bills…Dad's magazine…the Pleasantville Revolution Organization?” Belle went through the mail.

“Pleasantville what now?” Charlie asked.

“The Pleasantville Revolution Organization aims to change the culture of our city.” Belle began to get excited as she read. “We want to improve the lives of all citizens, without the constant fear that has plagued the city since inception.”

“Oh…my…GLOB!” Charlie began to get excited too. “The people are finally starting to stand up! We're winning!”

“Oh this is a HUGE blow to Demon!” Belle rushed inside. “DADDY! DADDY LOOK!”

“Belle! I'm not young anymore!” Peter Masters groaned as Belle flung herself at him. “Now what's going on?”

“The Pleasantville Revolution Organization!” Belle grinned.

“We're finally beating Demon!” Charlie added.

Peter took a look at the leaflet, reading parts of it aloud. “Well done Beauty, it looks like the people of Pleasantville are finally coming to their senses. Hopefully this can keep gathering momentum heading into election year.”

“That sounds awesome.” Lara walked over from the kitchen. Belle composed herself somewhat, her aura getting frosty.

“I guess this means there's a chance for me this time.” Peter mused. “Maybe this time I can beat Jones and whichever corrupt third party they throw up and become Mayor myself.”

“This is a great platform for you to work off love.” Lara hugged him.

Belle narrowed her eyes. Charlie sighed. Things still weren't patched up between Lara and Belle.

“I'm going upstairs. Later.” Belle left the couple and trudged up to her room. Charlie followed, worried.

“Belle, surely you and Lara are good now.” Charlie asked as they sat down on Belles bed. “You've forgiven your father, why not your mother?”

Belle bristled.

“She IS your mother Belle. You might not be blood, but she would die for you just like she would for Maddles and Ozzie.” Charlie continued.

Belle looked away.

“They both knew what they were getting into Belle, you know that.” Charlie pressed.

“Just drop it. Please.” Belle sighed.

Charlie knew it would be useless to pursue it any further.

Belle lay down on the bed and closed her eyes. “I'm tired.” She said.

“I know.” Charlie rubbed her foot. “But unfortunately my watch is going off and I think Lady Courage is in trouble.”

“Because of course she is.” Belle grumbled.

The PRO was in full voice against Crusader Roger and Crusader Daryl when Chuckles and Giggles arrived at the scene. In fact, it looked like Chuckles and Giggles wouldn't be needed at all.

“Sooooo…why are we here again? Besides moral support?” Chuckles grinned, watching the crowd chant loudly at the criminal organization that had tried to rob the fledgling museum.

“Sir Dark mentioned that Dingbat has completely withdrawn the police force. Something about not protecting idiots that get themselves in danger.” Lady Courage told them. “So I thought it would be a good idea in case we need to protect these guys from harm.”

“You're all sheep! Get out of our way!” Crusader Daryl roared furiously at the crowd, who booed him loudly.

“Wow. A whole heap of people putting themselves in danger for nothing and causing more of a disturbance than the robbery would. Can't believe this is what Pleasantville has come to nowadays.” Someone walked past, earning themselves hisses and jeers.

“WE are here, and we will protect those who stand up for their rights!” Giggles announced.

“We're Chuckles and Giggles, and we stand with the Knights of the Last Order to make sure Pleasantville is a safe place for everyone!” Chuckles added.

The PRO cheered loudly.

Crusader Roger groaned. “Daryl, we're leaving. This has been a bust.”

“We're giving up against a bunch of goons who would probably run at the first threat?!” Daryl cried angrily. He pulled out a shotgun, ready to attack.

The crowd quickly overwhelmed him before he could get out the first shot. The gun was knocked out of his hands as the PRO began raining blows on him. He tried to crawl away, but there were too many people.

“HELP ME!” He cried.

Giggles looked at Chuckles, who shrugged. Giggles groaned, and flew over to save Daryl.

“Take this as a warning. Leave Pleasantville and don't come back.” She told him as she flew him over to where Roger was waiting to drive off.

“Filthy scum. Don't you DARE tell me what to do. You're just my fathers lapdog. Pah to you!” Daryl lashed out as Roger took him away.

“I think that counts as a victory today.” Lady Luck beamed.

“If you insist.” Sir Dark still sounded doubtful.

“Come on, we finally have the backing of the people, why do you still look so down in the dumps? Is this because of work?” Petunia asked TJ later as they got changed back at the tip.

“You don't know Wallace Dingbat.” TJ warned. “I'm pretty sure he's firmly in the pocket of Demon, and if Demon decides on payback, he's going to use Dingbat to do it.”

Later on that night, Sammy got a knock on the door. He eased himself out of his very comfortable armchair and opened the door to immediate hostility.

“You're under arrest for inciting violence and starting a brawl.” Wallace Dingbat handcuffed him as two other officers forced him to the ground. “You have the right to remain silent…”

Sammy grimaced as he was led to the paddy wagon and rudely shoved in. So this was how Demon was going to respond to the formation of the PRO.

The young Knight of the Last Order had the sinking feeling he was about to become a scapegoat.

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