Chapter Sixty-Six: Can You Hear Me?

"Danny!" Sunny waved as Daniel approached the hideout of the Noble Knights of the Last Order. In her lap was Melody, and next to her was Patrick, who was looking pretty happy. "Look at what Patrick and Tammy were able to do!"
Tammy grinned. "It wasn't much, but we managed to make better armour for everyone!" 
"With some help from Teej of course." Patrick motioned to TJ, who took a small bow.
"He managed to get some old bullet-proof vests for us all." Petunia smiled up at her husband.
"And with the Beglys help, we worked it all into some new armour so you guys don't look like complete junkyard rejects anymore." Patrick laughed, earning him six glares. "What? You did!"
"ANYWAY." Tammy quickly stepped in to diffuse the situation. "We can debut this stuff next time the DVM or the Crusaders decide to start trouble."
"Or the next time you guys decide foot-faults don't exist." Sam muttered under his breath.
Cue pointless argument about cricket that in no way advances the plot whatsoever.
"ANYWAY!" Tammy growled loudly. "You guys should try on your new outfits to make sure they fit."
Unfortunately, her voice is still several decibels below that of a normal human being. The argument raged on, with insults ranging from being compared to the Great Nations team of well, forever, to being called another Ian Chappell.
Tammy sighed. She supposed they'd have to notice her and her work eventually, but it still sucked to still be so quiet that she couldn't be heard.
It played on her mind one day as she sat at the library computer doing her Disability Studies degree. The lecturer was talking about "being a voice for those who don't have one."
How could someone who couldn't be heard be a voice for someone else? Who could she fight for when she wasn't a fighter?
Her thoughts mingled with the tapping of her pen, when she noticed Judith Jofrey walking past. The two women shared a stare briefly before pretending they hadn't seen each other. Despite what she knew about Daniels feelings for the City Councilor, Tammy could not bring herself to trust Judith. The older woman was hiding something, and Tammy worried that whatever it was would hurt Daniel.
Daniel had been her brother for as long as she could remember. The five of them had been inseparable from such a young age, all of them against the world. When they had formed the Knighthood, that bond had only gotten stronger.
"Hey Tammy!" 
Tammy cringed as she heard her loud brother make his way through the library. She could imagine the filthy looks he was getting and could hear the librarian shushing him.
"Sorry." He grinned sheepishly. He turned to his sister.
"We're going out to the movies, come on!" He began to pull her arm.
"Sam, I've got assignments to do!" Tammy tried to resist him. She wanted some time to herself.
"You can do that any time Tammy, come on!" Sammy started to pack up her stuff.
"Sam!" Tammy gave up. She felt so small and powerless compared to the big personality of her brother.
As she was dragged from the library, she noticed the look of pity from Judith.
Just what she needed.
After that unwanted trip to the movies, Tammy finally retreated to her apartment, glad to have some time to herself. It wasn't that she didn't love her brother and her friends, it's just that sometimes she needed time to herself.
She dumped her bag on the counter and settled down on her futon with a good book. She would never be the bookworm Belle is, but Tammy was definitely always in the mood for a good mystery book.
She was just getting to the part where the heroine fell in love with a character who Tammy was pretty certain was the murderer, when she noticed something out of the window.
It was the chestnut-haired beauty from downstairs heading to the shared laundry. Tammy watched her as she carried her washing-basket across the courtyard, wishing like mad she had the courage to say something to the gorgeous young lady.
Tammy sighed as the figure disappeared from view. She returned to her book. It wasn't like anyone would ever notice Tammy anyway. Not when she was nothing but a shadow of her brother.
"REVOLVER!" Giggles roared as she flew after the gunman. "Give those watches back!"
"MAKE ME!" Master Revolver shouted back, firing his gun erratically.
"I LOVE your new outfits by the way!" Mobster Marion said as she parried blows from Sir Lionheart while Chuckles pulled a splinter from his foot.
"Really?" Sir Lionheart asked.
"Of course not. You're still idiots!" Mobster Marion used her sword to lever the scythe from Sir Lionhearts hands. Her killing blow was only deflected by the riot shield of Sir Dark, who had thrown himself in front of his best friend.
"Oh groovy." Mobster Marion groaned as Sir Lionheart ran to get his scythe. She blinked as Chuckles poked her lightly with the Lions Claw Blade. “I'm not even going to dignify that with a response.” Mobster Marion stormed off.
Lady Silent sighed, and watched the scene in front of her. What was the point of her being here? What did she contribute?
She was fiddling with her watch when she overheard a few of the Emerald Mobsters talking.
“Do you think the others are finished with the lolly store yet? This is getting boring.” One asked.
“I hope so, this is getting embarrassing.” The other replied.
Lady Silent felt her eye twitch.
“I'm right HERE, I can HEAR your stupid plans!” She cried in fury.
“Did you hear something?” The first Mobster asked. 
“I think so…?” The other replied.
Lady Silent roared in anger before storming off.
“Wait, isn't that one of the Knights?”
“I dunno, which one?”
Lady Silent wanted to scream, but she knew no one would hear her, because she was silent.
“Are you quite pleased you ruined my investment?” Sidewinder glared at her sister across the table where they sat.
“How was I supposed to know you'd gone and bought a lolly store?” Mobster Marion twirled her glass of wine around, admiring the deep crimson colour. “And why would you do such a thing?”
“Without legitimate business to keep this city afloat, YOU would be in big trouble.” Sidewinder growled. “Do you think you'd be allowed to ply your trade in Brisvegas so easily?”
“Quit worrying brat, we'll be fine.” Mobster Marion brushed her younger sister off. “Just make sure to stay out of our way in future and your little investments will be fine.”
Sidewinder fumed. How dare her sister just cast her concerns aside like that?!

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