Chapter Sixty-Five: Until Someone Gets Hurt

you kiss her?"


she kiss you?"


there any kissing at all?"


date then?"

WASN'T a date!"

sure it was a date."


why are you going red?"

you lot quit it already!" Daniel groaned as his fellow Knights
of the Last Order grilled him about his lunch with the Councillor
Judith Jofrey.

looked like she was really enjoying herself." Sam volunteered.

she was smiling and looked really interested in what you were
saying!" Petunia agreed.

it, okay?" Daniel frowned at them. "Besides, you guys ran
off half way through lunch, what would you know?"

got back in time to see you escort her out." Sunny pointed out.

for ditching us by the way, oh-fearless-leader." TJ deadpanned.

group were sitting at the tip again, on a bright and clear Saturday
morning. They were waiting for Belle and Charlie, and then they were
all going to go fishing together.

of Judy…I kind of invited her to come out with us today."
Daniel finally admitted.

silence. Then:


Lightheart, what WERE you thinking?!"

you INSANE?"

going to be arguments!"

she's not fond of the Begly Clan either!"

will be FINE!" Daniel tried to calm his friends down. "She's
promised she won't say a thing about work."

still won't end well." Sunny warned.

there was ever any doubt that Belle was Peters daughter, they were
instantly put to rest that day. Both of them wore identical scowls
and twitching right eyes.

little girls Melody and Madeliene were splashing by the shore under
the watchful eyes of Ozzie and their mothers. TJ and Petunia were
diving for mussels, which they were handing to Thomas who was putting
them in a bucket. Lizzy and Tammy were trying to badger Sam into
getting into the water (which he was still scared of) and Daniel was
gently trying to teach Judith how to fish.

can NOT believe he thought this was a good idea." Belle

me about it. It's just sucked the fun right out of today." Peter
also glowered.

OUT BELOW!" Charlie swung past them on the rope swing, flying
into the creek with a splash. "Will you two sad sacks cheer up
and join in the fun?" He poked his head out of the water.

Was the sullen reply.

only because he thinks she's hot." Charlie tried to explain.

idiot." Peter shook his head and sat down on one of the picnic
rugs. "This is like working on the weekend, an absolute

me about it." Belle sat down next to her father and started
pulling the grass out of the 

all in the wrist action." Daniel was demonstrating how to cast
the fishing line. "A quick flick-," His line expertly flew
across the air into the creek. "And then you sit back and wait."

make it look so easy." Judith admitted. "I've never been
fishing before."

you serious?" Daniel looked surprised. "Why not?"

busy studying." Judith admitted.
my parents never had much time for me as the second-born.
she silently added.

"We go fishing
all the time together. You should come with us more often."
Daniel smiled at her.

Judiths cheeks went pale pink.

"NO!" Was
the loud objection from the Masters clan.

Just then, Peters
phone began to ring. "Hey Bill. You're kidding me…the truck
yard? I'll tell Judith."

He couldn't help but
smirk slightly. This meant that annoying Councillor would have to
leave! On the down side it meant that the others would have to go to,
but if it got rid of Judith, it was worth it.

truck yard is under fire from the Crusaders!" Peter yelled.

Judith dropped her fishing line and bolted towards her bag. She
grabbed out her phone and made a quick call, which involved a lot of
language unfit for print.

"I'm sorry
guys, but I have to go sort out this mess. I'll see you later!"
Judith grabbed her things and ran off, much to the satisfaction of
the Masters Clan.

Daniel ran over to
the others as soon as she was gone. "I have to go and get the
scythe from the timber mill, I'll see you guys at the truck yard?"

TJ nodded. "Let's go Knights!"

Daniel got into his
beat-up old ute and drove to the timber mill, cursing his poor
planning. If only he'd known…

Daniel tiptoed
through the timber mill, feeling like he wasn't alone. He tried to
shake it off, thinking it was adrenaline from being prepared for
another battle.

He opened up his
locker and pulled on his old "armour", which was nothing
more than old bits of steel salvaged from the tip and fashioned by
Tammy. It was badly worn by time and repeated blows from the Lucky
Seven Gun and the Lions Claw Blade when they were in the hands of
Master Revolver and Mobster Marion.

It was definitely
time for an upgrade.

He was about to pull
on his helmet when something crashed in the office upstairs.
Judiths office.

He pulled on his
helmet and crept up the stairs, trying his best to be quiet. If the
March Hill Crusaders were here, he was doomed. There was no way he
would survive long enough for the rest of the Knights to arrive.

He made up to the
top of the stairs and was about to open the door to Judiths office,
when it was flung open from the inside and the Dragons Scale Scythe
held at his throat.

Sir Lionheart groaned. He tightened his grip on the replica scythe.
"What are YOU doing here?"

"I could ask
you the same thing Bucket-Head." Sidewinder snarled. She lurched
back to slash the Knights throat, giving Sir Lionheart time to get
his scythe up to block the blow. He forced Sidewinder back into the
office with his brute strength, hoping to get her off-balance.

"Why were you
in Councillor Jofreys office?!" Sir Lionheart demanded.

"None of your
business, peasant." Sidewinder pulled out the Mystic Eight Gun
and fired, clipping Sir Lionhearts bucket-helmet. He was able to
dodge, but the distraction enabled Sidewinder to stab him with an
Emerald Shard in the chest.

Gagging, Sir
Lionheart stumbled back. Sidewinder tried to shoot him again, but Sir
Lionheart was able to recover fast enough to knock the gun from her

He prepared to
strike her chest core, when he saw it.

Judiths necklace.

The one her sister
had given her.

He looked into those
violent blue eyes. There was no doubt.

Sidewinder was
Judith Jofrey. He had no idea how she fixed her hair to make it short
and brown, but he knew that he had to get out of there.

He bolted out of the
office and ran down the stairs. Bullets from the Mystic Eight Gun
riccocheted around him, and he dodged them all before making it out
of the building.

At least Sidewinder
couldn't fly without the help of the Ruby Suit, Sir Lionheart thought
bitterly. He felt betrayed and angry and confused.

No wonder Judith
didn't want to talk about her family. Her father had been Mobster
Marcus, killed when he'd tried to overrun a bank. Of course she'd
been there for the battle of Silent Lake. Between her family and the
Death Valley Gang, they'd brutally slaughtered the last of the Silent
Lake Gang before turning on each other.

Sir Lionheart looked
to the sky as he headed out to the other battle, which he now had no
desire to join. What a mess.

What a complete and
total mess.

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