Chapter Sixty-Seven: So am I

Tammy walked dejectedly down the street. People pushed past her, not even noticing she was there. She was invisible, a nobody, a nothing. Why was she even a Knight of the Last Order, no one noticed Lady Silent, no one cared if she was there or not. 
She was just Sammys shadow, an echo of her younger, more boisterous twin. She reached for the scar on her throat, that her stupid drunk uncle had caused. She hadn't been strapped into the seat properly, so when the crash happened her throat paid the price. She had paid a high price for her uncles stupidity.
Hey, that's not fair. Sammy has suffered too. She tried to tell herself. Sammy is terrified of water now. 
But Sammy still had a voice. He was still heard. People still acknowledged him.
She shuffled dejectedly past an alleyway, where she overheard some March Hill Crusaders talking about destroying a local florist who they suspected as being a front for the Death Valley Mobsters.
Swell. More work for us.
Tammy made her way to Bill's restaurant, and pushed her way through the doors. Suddenly, she was knocked aside by her brother, who raced out with Daniel, TJ and Charlie on his heels.
“Whoops, sorry Tam!” Charlie grinned at her before shooting off, laughing. Tammy sighed, and sat down where Petunia had Melody on her lap while Sunny desperately tried to get some food into her daughter.
“Kiddo, I love you dearly but will you just EAT!” Sunny tried to poke a spoon full of mashed pumpkin into her daughters mouth.
“'Ucky!” Melody spat it right back out again.
Tammy sighed as she watched the two women get overpowered by a baby.
“Oh, sorry Tam, didn't see you there!” Petunia looked over at her best friend while she tried to hold the squirming baby. “Melody, please!”
“I give up. Starve to death for all I care kiddo.” Sunny gave up, putting the spoon back into the bowl of mashed pumpkin. Melody immediately grabbed the spoon and began feeding herself. 
Petunia laughed while Tammy smiled. Sunny groaned, but it was obvious she was amused too.
“What are you up to today Tammy? You look a little glum.” Petunia noticed the younger girl was a bit down in the dumps.
Tammy bit her lip, not really ready to talk about her problems with being a shadow. Thankfully, a convenient excuse came up.
“While I was walking here I heard a couple of Crusaders talking about taking out a florist. The last thing we need.” Tammy stretched.
Petunia and Sunny glanced at each other, before quickly smacking their watch-faces.
“This had better be good, I was in the middle of a really interesting chapter about the Quadroon Four and the Elephants Tusk Spear!” Belle stormed out of the kitchen, clutching at her book.
“Tammy overheard some Crusaders planning their next move!” Sunny told her.
“Yeah, I'd say that counts as good. Let's go!” Belle shot off towards the tip, ready to don her Giggles outfit once more.
Tammy sighed again, and slowly got up, feeling more invisible than ever until she heard Sunny.
“Nice work by the way Tammy. You have a real knack for being in the right place at the right time.”
Sunny was right. Chuckles, Giggles and the Noble Knights of the Last Order were able to head off the attack before it even got started.
“You mean…awww.” Crusader Mark looked dejectedly at the crowd that was standing in front of the florist, ready to defend the flowers. “Can I at LEAST go in to by my mother a birthday present?”
(He ended up getting her roses)
Feeling more confident after her success that day, Tammy decided that she was going to approach her chestnut-haired beauty and see if she could at least make a new friend, if not score a date.
After she got home to her apartment and had a good, quick shower, she had kept an eye on the window and waited until she saw her crush walking to the laundry again. Sure enough, the young lady had washing to do. Tammy waited until she was inside, before grabbing her own laundry and making her way down to the laundry room.
Tammy walked into the laundry room trying to look as invisible as possible (“Should be easy enough.” she thought bitterly) and put her washing in the machine closest to the door.  She then settled down on the nearby bench with her mystery book. 
“I really didn't plan this well, did I?” Tammy groaned inwardly. The chestnut-haired beauty was even more beautiful up close, and Tammy found it hard to muster up the courage to speak to her.
So, naturally, she hid in her mystery book.
“You read mysteries too?”
Tammy nearly fell off her seat. 
“Y-yeah, I love mysteries. It's a nice change from textbooks.” Tammy tried to joke with her new friend.
“My name is Rose. I live on the first floor.” The chestnut-haired beauty introduced herself.
“I'm Tammy, I live on the second floor.” Tammy put her book down.
“I know. I've been…well…I kinda noticed you.” Rose went a little pink.
Tammy couldn't help but smile. Maybe she wasn't so invisible after all!
A few days later, Tammy had finally managed to shake her twin off, begging Lizzy Begly to take Sammy out for a while. Lizzy, being a twin herself, understood completely and was happy to take her boyfriend out for the day.
So Tammy had a full day at the library, and she was relishing the peace. 
Tammy had done a lot of thinking over the days since Sunny had told her she had a knack for being in the right place at the right time. Tammy knew she would always resent being invisible, just a little bit, but that being silent was her greatest strength – Lady Silent could find out things that her louder, more noticeable friends would never be able to, and she planned to use that to her advantage as much as she could.
But first, her education.
She'd gotten one of her assignments out of the way, and was trying to focus on another one when Judith Jofrey slithered in.
Tammy watched the older woman with interest. Judith looked her way, and for a second they made eye-contact. Then Judith went to the back of the library.
Tammy tried not to scream with frustration. She was one of Daniels BEST FRIENDS, how could Judith not recognise her?! How did Emerald Mobsters not recognise Lady Silent?!
Hold it. She settled herself. This could be your opportunity to find out what's going on with the Council. Head down, tail up, don't draw attention to yourself Lady Silent.
Tammy focused on her studies, keeping half an ear out for anything interesting. Soon enough, she got it. Two Emerald Mobsters walked in, trying to keep themselves inconspicuous. 
Hard to keep a low profile when your street clothes barely cover the Emerald Suits. Tammy thought snidely.
“What do you want?” Judith said quietly, looking harassed.
“Your sister is getting annoyed at your insistence on getting into trouble.” One of the Emerald Mobsters said. 
“Me? I've been good recently.” Judith looked as innocent as possible.
I thought Judith said that she didn't have anything to do with her sister? Tammy found her brain ticking over. Why did the Emerald Mobsters know Judiths sister? Why did Judith lie about it?
“She knows you're planning something.” The other Emerald Mobster said.
“I want a bit of payback for losing my trains. Is that so bad?” Judith leaned back in her chair. “Go away. I'm trying to read.”
Something isn't adding up here. Tammy thought furiously. What is Judith hiding?!
“Marion isn't going to be happy.” The first Emerald Mobster pointed out.
Tammy nearly fell off her seat. She buried herself in a book. It can't be. Sidewinder has blonde hair, Judith has dark hair. It's impossible.
Then Tammy looked closer at Judith, who was getting annoyed. She saw a stray wisp of blonde hair that had come loose and had to choke back a gasp. That…that's definitely a wig! No! It can't be! 
“My sister is never happy. Now go.” Judith ended the conversation.
Tammy felt sick. Judith Jofrey was none other than Sidewinder, the sister of Mobster Marion and currently the biggest threat to the Noble Knights of the Last Order.
Daniel is NOT going to be happy when he hears this!

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