So, we've completed treatment.
No more chemo, no more radiation.
Except that Dr Doom says last week – did Tim talk to you about ongoing chemo treatment?
WHAT THE F*CK???????

at this stage of the game there is no way in hell I would have more chemo!

Still struggling with nausea, cramps and fall out from the radiation 'burns'.
Maybe once all this goes away I can make a better decision lol.

It's not a lot of fun this recovery.  I think maybe they could just knock me out for a week until everything heals so it wouldn't hurt.

One of the biggest issues is the emotional roller coaster leading up to getting the results after recovery.
What if the treatment hasn't worked? What then? What if it has but it is remission and it could come back any time?
How do you plan for a future you might not have? and how do you plan for a future you may have around these extra bloody chemo treatments?

So now we are 7 weeks into recovery, and I have been for a scan and seen my specialists.
The news is on the good side. There will be a need for another scan and visit to confirm the goodness.

I have learnt so much on this journey and at some stage I hope to share some of my insights.

Thank you for being with on my road.

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