Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

This is bound to be one of the questions I get asked at tomorrow's interview for the job I am doing
I am receiving higher duties allowance until the recruitment activity for the job I am doing is completed. I figured I may as well have a bash as I might have a chance, you know, seeing as how I am doing the job….
Only problem is there are unknowns in the competition.
Someone may actually know what they are doing which puts me RIGHT behind the 8 ball.

I do know that two of my colleagues are also interviewing for the positions (there are two of them yes).

The pro's are:
I have been working in the position
I have been working with the consultant in the domain
I have helped lay the groundwork for the tasking in the role
I am beginning to understand the complexities around the tasking
I am beginning to build the networks required to facilitate the role
I am conversant with the major reporting tool
I can see the synergies between the two roles and can see opportunities for leveraging off interdependencies (sounds good eh?)

I have no experience in the domain
I have no training in the domain
I have only been in the agency for two months
two of my rivals have been with the agency for years
I am bad at interviews
I am the first to be interviewed

I spoke with the domain experts for both positions. I have identified appropriate training. I am not looking forward to this interview. It will most likely take forever for them to advise the successful applicants too. Oh well there'll be other jobs to apply for I suppose.

In five years time I will most likely still be working. I'd like to think I could improve my ranking in the agency. Then again some days I just wonder what the hell I am dong and why.

Wish me luck boys and girls, wish me luck…..

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