Weigh to Go

Right then, three weeks ago, HR and I commenced a weight loss program. (see my blog Middle Age Spread).
I had most of one week off due to interstate commitments (see Ticket to Ride Planes and Cars) and so now it is time to weigh in!

HR is finding it a bit tough on the shakes and seriously looks forward to the evening meal which free style. Once a week we go a bit nuts for one meal and a lot of planning goes into it!!
You may recall we had Southern Fried Chicken the first week and last week we went Dumplings.

We went to a lovely little place called Dumpling House and took a table for two. The waitress brought tea and HR and I sipped refreshing Jasmine tea whilst we made our choices.
The Dumpling House has traditional Chinese dishes as well as Dumplings, Buns and Pancakes.
We decided to try 'Combination: Chicken, Beef and Vegetable (15)' and team them with 'Steamed BBQ Pork Bun (2 or 4)'

The three different types of dumpling were very tasty! The vegetable dumping needed just a touch of chili sauce, the beef was delicious and the chicken more so. But the Best of all were the BBQ Pork Buns…. The bun was sweet and fluffy and light. There was sufficient BBQ Pork was sufficient (some people skimp) and perfectly cooked. I was in seventh heaven!!  There is nothing quite like a decent BBQ Pork Bun, nothing!! There was enough food and tea to make quite a good meal (remember we have smaller tummies now we are dieting) though HR wants to try the Dim Sims next time.

Turns out next time will be tomorrow as HR failed in his tasking to decide what we should have this week. I will be choosing next weeks.
So how are we going in this quest to win the battle of the bulge?
To date HR has lost 4.5kg and 2 inches off his bulky waist.
I have lost 2.9 kg but the waist measurement remains the same the gut seems to be slowly shifting though.

HR and I really need to get some regular exercise going to help us shift the flab. I have my little work out room that I have used. I do low impact aerobics and I have a dvd coming from  Denise Austin 
called Shrink Your Female Fat Zones. I have used this dvd before (for many years actually) but it seems the copy I have is region  and all my dvd players are Region 4, go figure.
I have used Denise Austin's exercise regimes on and off for over twenty years and I find them very, very good for helping to shape the body in the privacy of my own home.

Anyway onwards and upwards, or is that downwards……..more next week!!

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