When the Moon is in the Seventh House, and Jupiter Aligns with Mars…..

Jan 24 1:46 am
so.. The New Year is 24 days old, let's take stock:

  • I have a new car
  • The pooch got rehomed
  • The Commodore is FINALLY gone
  • I survived the car smash with no serious injuries


  • I've read 8 books….

I like this year…it's EXCITING!!! (gratuitous Star Trek reference)

Feb 14 2:12 pm

  • The Boy Child has viral meningitis (he has a couple of  lumbar puncture sites to prove he doesn't have the bacterial meningitis) 
  • The Mini Brat's car died on The Range coming back from seeing her sick brother
  • Then the remaining poochie got seriously ill and had to be helped over the Rainbow Bridge to ease his suffering.
  • My real estate agent has left the company and has yet to inform me of such (her boss rang and told us, he also informed us he does not want to list houses in this suburb)
  • I have three interviews for jobs  


  • I've read another 5 books (going back to work slows one down a tad)

this year is not so exciting mebbe…

According to both Western and Eastern astrology this is meant to be an excellent year for me…..could someone please tell The Universe/God that??

Master Tsai tells us that this is the Year of the Metal Monkey and that as I am a Water Rat this is an auspicious year for me:
 'Rat is connected to placid water or rain. Water is also connected to wisdom and intelligence. Monkey is connected to wind or storm. Storm can bring more rain to Water. Monkey can bring more wealth, wisdom and health to Rat. Wind can stir the water to flow. But we don't know which direction water will go. Monkey can change Rat's life style from tranquillity and relaxing to busyness.'
Typical Western predictions:
' Tenderness and tact are also highlighted skills for you in 2016. Be realistic and kind, especially in the late summer and early fall when Jupiter and Mercury increase your people skills. Watch as obstacles and opposition melt away under your gaze.

It will be in the realm of family and friends that you may see the most progress. When things are going smoothly at home, career and public life are much easier. What a dynamite year!'

So, when does this all start again? I seem to be missing out on a few things methinks.

I'll let you know how the year progresses…..

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