Up There Cazaley

Did anyone else just feel it?
that little frisson of excitement that tells us it's almost FOOTY SEASON!!!!!!!!

The official AFL Season starts Thursday 24 March 2016 with Carlton Blues v Richmond Tigers and though both teams are crap I will watch the game purely because it is the FIRST GAME OF THE SEASON.
There have been pre season hitouts, but they are scheduled when us folk that live 150 minutes plus drive from Brisbane canna get there.
There's the NAB Challenge, used to be the NAB CUP and if memory serves Brisbane won the last CUP on offer there. NAB Challenge is played at non traditional grounds, out in the communities that might not otherwise see footy. I hope to get to Burpengary and Metricon but given the old financial situation ( petrol and a hotel trips these are) it may not be feasible.

I am a fairly rabid Brisbane Lions supporter and have been for ten years or more. Let me tell the story of how I came to be an Australian Rules fan.

Way back in the dark ages, so my kids tell me, I emigrated to Australia with my family and after a short sojourn in South Australia we settled in a place called Little River for a year or so.
Little River is just outside Werribee, which is just outside of Geelong. Geelong Cats are the AFL team. I was under the age of ten and in my formative years, the years when a child is most susceptible.
At the little two room school I went to everyone was a Geelong fan. We had a Polly Farmer doll (Geelong great) in our classroom. Every time Geelong won he faced the room, when they lost he faced the wall…he spent a lot of time facing the wall that year.
After the indoctrination in Little River it was only natural when we went to West Australia that we would continue the love affair with footy. Swan Districts was the club of choice. The arch rival of the Swans was/is Subiaco  and many is the time we were at Basendean oval screaming our team on. I even got to go to Subiaco oval long before the remodel. Back in the day there was a local TV footy comp where if your picture was shown on the telly, after attending a game, you won a Sherrin, my brother won himself one!!!
From the west it was off to the Nation's Capitol for a few year and I took my interest in Geelong with me. From Canberra to Adelaide and I became a rabid Glenelg supporter. I worked in hotels at this stage and there was always a great rivalry with the patrons who didn't always share my enthusiasm for my team.
After a few years of not following any particular team we fetched up in Queensland and the love affair with the Lions began.
At the beginning of each season the feeling is the same; unbridled optimism. We pick up some good players in the off season and draft, we go to training if we can, watch the boys get their pre season under the belt and start to speculate. Every season we think we have the mix right we just need a little patience and luck. Every season we think we can make the finals at least if not the big one.
Then it gets to every game we think we can win this one…it's never over till the final siren and as our famous coach Leigh Matthews once said if the amount of time left is the same as goals needed you're in with a chance.
Then it gets down to well we can win this quarter……
I always believe my Lions can win right up until the last siren. I make bargains with God/The Universe that if we win I'll do/stop doing this or that. When we win I remember the routine of the day in hopes that by doing everything precisely the same before the next game we will win….sad but true I KNOW that nothing I do or don't do has any bearing whatsoever on the result of the game but..I bet I'm not the only one who does it 🙂
Being a member of the Brisbane Lions is a wonderful thing. I also sponsor a player. I get to meet my player and other players, I have access to fantastic functions (Player sponsor and Club Champion are my two favourites) and I am an Foundation Member of the Women of the Pride as well.
There's nothing quite like the drive down to Brisbane, checking into the hotel, meeting up with The Normal Autistic chick and strolling up to the Gabba Inside we get to our seats, generally in time to watch the boys warm up 40 minutes or so before the game starts.
As the time gets closer to the first bounce the nerves set in. Watching my team is the most exhausting thing I know; I am even worse watching the Lions play an away game on TV. At the Gabba I have to behave as there are kids around and we want to set a good example. At home the neighbours get to hear the full range of my anger .Of course almost all of my angst is reserved for the umpire.

Of course should we lose the blokes at The Mausoleum think they're funny and make jokes at my expense, it's always good if their teams have gone down that weekend, they're less likely to be mouthy.
Ah well another few weeks and it'll be on like donkey kong!!!!

GO LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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