Viva Brisvegas (with apologies to Elvis)

Every now and then we're given day leave from The Mausoleum (work), we're allowed to (shock horror) TRAVEL! Decadent huh?
Day trips are the order of the day, after all, the tax payers dollar should not be wasted!
Anywhoo Brisvegas was today's destination and, as Miranda would say, 'Such Fun'!

A quick two hours down the road and we arrived at our destination somewhere near the Roma st station, parked the chariot (work vehicle) and commenced the meet and greet ritual with those we HAVE to see and then sneak off to catch up with colleagues we haven't seen for awhile. Of course LUNCH is a must.

There are so many little eateries we could frequent but we opted for the tried and tested Hog's Breath at The Barracks.
On a whim we sat inside (the boss was seated outside, avoidence mode engaged) a move we came to regret as it was bloody cold in there! I mean seriously one dresses for heat and humidity in Brisbane, it was a cool day and they have the aircon on 'freeze hell over attempt'.
Now we have been to Hoggies many times and we know what we want, mostly anyway, and so it was the lunch special –  Flathead and Curly fries. There's just something about those curly fries……
I love the way they serve this meal, in a little pail lined with paper, a generous serve of tartare sauce and a slice of lemon.
Crispy crumbed fish dipped in tartare is just what's required for a catch up lunch, stuff the cutlery, fingers came first. Washed down with a sober Lemon, Lime and Bitters it fortifies one for the barrage of afternoon meetings and the subsequent trek home.
The usual 30 minute lunch became an hour, we had a lot of catching up to do, and we scurried back to the office with a happy tummy.

The trip home was uneventful and one will be attending The Mausoleum tomorrow for debrief and enhanced workload!!

However, as of Friday 13 Nov I am on 9 days leave!!! Oh HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY.
Look out for my cruise blog when I get back!!!!

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