Trains and Boats and Planes (well boats mostly)

HR and I are going on a four day cruise to somewhere (destination doesn't matter , it's the someone else cooking, cleaning, making the bed etc). We're being joined by a few friends we've travelled with before (DO NOT get me started on the Adelaide trip), an amusing bunch with similar interest; namely the auditing of the bars and restaurants aboard ship and of course the ever important stock rotation policy (which we intend to give a solid helping hand to).

Before one sets sail on a cruise there are a few things that MUST be taken care of first!!!
 At the risk of giving away more info on my whereabouts than I generally care to here are two of my favourite pamper places.

1. Nails: Stunning Edge Studio. Shaylee does the best nails ever! The search for the perfect nail tech has taken several years of hit and miss and finally we found Shaylee. 90 Plus colours and an amazing range of glitters and foils. Manicures, Pedicures and sundry other Beauty treatments this place is clean, professional and the customer service is beyond compare!!!

2. Hair: Engineering Hair and Beauty. It takes forever to find someone who cuts, styles and colours your hair JUST the way you like it. Jodi and her team are totally amazing. They provide a whole range of services from waxing and tinting to facials and massage as well as fabulous hair technicians. I miss Naomi still, but Jodi has stepped up beautifully ( ok she's the boss and taught Naomi everything but it did take a little while for me to be confident with the change (Luvya Jodes!).
From the minute you walk into the salon you feel good with a friendly welcome from ladies who genuinely care and make the whole experience about YOU. You walk in feeling dowdy and miserable and you walk out feeling and looking BEAUTIFUL.

3. THE TAN: On my best day I resemble a great white whale in a swim suit- nasty. So off I go to Engineering Hair and Beauty for a Spray Tan! Casey is the ultimate spray tanner! A beautifully even tan that is not orange or too dark or fake looking and it lasts a week. LOVE it.

Of course there is the waxing etc charmingly referred to as 'Beauty' after all one does NOT got to sea looking Walrussy (no offence to the Walrus) for which one goes to the afformentioned establishment.

Ok, that's the aesthetics taken care of, I better go pack a bag………

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