The Spicks and the Specks of My Life….

I was wondering how I'd get a Bee Gees song reference in and here it is!! Personally I would prefer to put the link in the post title but it appears I can't.
Of course now I have digressed from the original intent of this blog….I am listening to the song as I type and memories of a younger me come flooding back and I need to hear Massachusetts before I go on which will lead to ….OMG Scott McKenzie's San Francisco ..oh no now look what this blogging thing has brought me too….a sentimental walk down memory lane (at my time of life)

Best I pour a glass of wine and hunker down for an evening of nostalgia (damn you YouTube)…you lot may as walk with me
..and then suddenly while I am typing the Mamas and the Papas and California Dreaming starts to play
I was a kid in the 60's not due to be a teenager until the next decade. We had a big old black and white telly with valves in that Mum would remove when dad had annoyed her ( he was too drunk to work out what she'd done ). I had a big old Bakelite radio in my room (shared with my sister) and my Friday and Saturday nights were spent twiddling the dials seeking my favourite songs. Interestingly one of my favourites as a teenager, Mrs Robinson (Simon and Garfunkel, now playing) is from a movie I have never seen, The Graduate. Oh and we had a beautiful big FB Holden (I am a Ford girl but those big old Holden's were fricken awesome)
One of the most hauntingly beautiful Simon and Garfunkel songs , The Fighter, is not only a favourite from childhood, but came to have a deeper meaning to me in later life as I watched my Father battle the cancer that killed him 20 years ago…..and here come the tears..Love you Dad.

ahh look there's Leapy Lee with those Little Arrows….I thought that was an awesome song back in the day.
I am a bit of an excel demon, everything is spread sheets to me, how I wish I could have had excel back then to record how many times I heard my favourite song in one night (hey I was a kid sue me)

and who can ever get past Jim Reeves and He'll Have To Go…Jean Black did in her cheeky little reply He'll Have To Stay

Enough with the maudlin let's move to the 70's.. and my infamous flirtation with The Bay City Rollers, much to the disgust of my brother who tried manfully to get me into The Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, Cream, Black Sabbath and The Small Faces. What I didn't tell him was I loved those guys as well and as an adult I have an even better appreciation for their music.
AnyWhoo the Bay City Rollers were the first live concert I went to, apart from the lunch time concerts we had at high school where such bands such as Hush and Ol'55 would come and play.
I didn't have as much tartan as the other fans at the concert but I gave it a good shake!! Of course everyone was mad for Woody the lead singer but I have always had a thing for drummers. Anyway here's a gratuitous link for a 'Rollers song Rock an'Roll Love Letter.
Pilot was another band of the same ilk and nationality and I preferred them to some of the other boy bands around then. January was a good hit of there's and Magic.
The best thing about the 70's?? GLAM ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alice Cooper doesn't come under Glam Rock he just WAS.
This names but a tiny few, who were my favouritests. There are so many songs I could link you too but apparently at some time tonight I must sleep (The Mausoleum is expecting me on the morrow) and I haven't got to the Country music yet!
My name is XXXXX and I am a Parrot Head YES!!! I am a Jimmy Buffet fan. The first song I ever heard of his was Come Monday and it is a firm favourite even today. It was the very first single (45 vinyl record) I saved up to buy and my mongrel brother actually broke my record!! I hated him. Singing along now. Margaritaville and Pencil Thin Mustache are great faves as well.
One band, The Bellamy Brothers, made many many albums, but their very first is the only one I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE. sadly they made this album with one record company before moving to another and apparently the first record company won't allow them to use the material. I think that is what happened. Nothin' Heavy is the best song ever.
No Country music line up is complete without a mention of James Taylor 
Fire and Rain is brilliant, though he sings in a key that doesn't suit me. Marcia Hines did an excellent cover in a key that suits me better! (Fire and Rain Marcia Style). Marcia also had some other fantastic hits and you should check them out. Marcia was Mary Magdalene in the Australian stage production of Jesus Christ Superstar in the 70's. the very first stage production I saw live. (I performed in a few of my own but that's another story for another time).
This is just scratching the surface of the 70's but I just let the music take me where it wanted to go. One day I might write the blog I set out to write tonight, but I'd have to remember what the hell it was first…:)
Anyway, the wine glass is empty and it's time to sleep. Thank you for indulging me this evening. I hope you'll join me one day for a trip through the 80's………

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