My Canary Has Circles Under His Eyes

Probably from too much reading late into the night!
That's why I have circles under MY eyes (old age has naff all to do with it thank you very much).
Hello, my name is XXXX and I am a read-a-holic. Exhibit A: I have started keeping a spread sheet of the books read from 25/12/2015 – 25/12/2016, to date (30 Jan 16) I have read 11 books all averaging around 700+ pages.

I have favourite authors; Kerry Greenwood and her divine Phryne Fisher, Con Iggulden and his rollicking historical tales, Ken Follet and his fabulous sagas, Jant Ivanovich and her resourceful, love conflicted, Stephanie Plum, Laura Joh Rowland and her stoic detective Sano Ichiro, James Clavell's epic masterpieces of Asia, David Rotenberg's vivid novel of Shanghai, Phillipa Gregory and her historical fiction, J K Rowling and Harry Potter, Stephen King and his Dark Tower series, Eric Lustbader and his gripping stories of Nicholas Linear, Bernard Cornwall and Uhtred of Bebbanberg's quest to regain his heritage, Jung Chang's gripping tale of three generations of Chinese women, the salacious, thinly veiled swipes at Hollywood of Jackie Collins, Ellis Peter's detective monk, Cadfeal, Sharon Penman and her historical portraits, Dan Brown, Mathew Rielly the list goes on, and on, and on. Pretty much any book I read the author becomes a favourite.

I do get cross when you read a book, go looking for more by the same author and discover the book is actually the last in a series!!! Why wasn't I told?????? It should be made CLEARLY obvious to the humble reader that there is a reading order and that this book is first middle or last!!

Another pet gripe is when authors start an epic series and then takes forever to write the next instalment!! I am not getting any younger here author I need to know what happens before I die thank you. Stephen King was probably the guiltiest one here, he started his Dark Tower series a million years ago and only finished it a few years or so ago and he managed to almost kill himself before the last instalment was written (The Wind Through the Key Hole doesn't count in my opinion as it was an after thought book).

The latest gripe is the author who makes you wait for another book even though there was no cliff hanger from the previous book (I'm looking at you Kerry Greenwood) it's over two years since we had another adventure with the racy, dynamic, fabulous Phryne Fisher and quite frankly I am a tad annoyed. Yes we have had the gorgeous Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (Thank you ABC) and they have helped us realise some of the images we have in our heads of what everything was like in the 1920's BUT it isn't the same as getting a fresh new book to savour!!!!
Janet Ivanovich is a veritable trooper and has released a book a year recently!!

I think the biggest whinge I have is when they make movies out of my favourite books. They never get it right! The pictures I have in my head as I read do not resemble those on the screen and when they start adding stuff to the movie/series that was never in the book I get very very very cross!!!

Anyway… I have a new book to read…..

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