Tales from the Crypt

Picture it…
A big square building (holds a zillion people) with only three windows
peering through one window we see…….

A Meglomaniacal Director (MD) and a deputy dawg (dd)
and then there's the idiot factor – me.
What IS she rambling on about you  ask, have I got a tale for you.

There's this document
it needs attention but…it doesn't match up with this corresponding document so we can't do what we need to do…let's send it to whatsherface the idiot newbie she'll fix it

but wait –  MD sends it to dd cc'ing me
dd sends it to me and says let's discuss
MD asks me about it but dd hasn't talked to me yet so I know naf all
dd says click the links in the document and talk to this chickie ( I have never met) in this section here
 I click links like the dutiful idiot I am and then approach this unsuspecting chickie and ask for help

the chickie provides details and a hazy picture emerges
MD and dd have a confab about the document dilemma, without me, and I get a half assed synopsis of the meeting and a few more supporting documents and get told to crack on

So the idiot newbie (me) makes the best guesstimate she can with the crap she is given and approaches MD (at the behest of dd as he is so BUSY and SO important)
but oh no, the idiot newbie (me) doesn't have a document that supposedly explains all
MD carries on like a raw prawn 'I have explained this once I shouldn't have to explain it again' (sic)
and various other complaints making me (the idiot newbie) feel like a total loser when I have never played in this particular space before

so MD and me approach the chickie and have a confab and do the investigation and lo and behold something wasn't calculated correctly in the original document

mea culpa screams MD and wonders how to fix the problem
phone calls are made and guess who gets to do the paperwork to fix the problem?

go on guess…..

give up?

it was ME yes ME the freaking stupid idiot newbie!!!!

this has taken four days to fix
four days of trying to complete tasking as well as other adhoc URGENT issues and dealing with snippy infighting in the 'team'

I need a holiday, a new job or a lotto win……….. I'll settle for a glass of wine

© 2021 Kezzstar24