They say you should be careful what you wish for… might just get it

 At the beginning of 2016 I decided that this was going to be a good year and I would get the things I wanted, nay that I deserved. The Universe was going to provide my every whim….

On reflection I have indeed received much largess from the Universe, but it has come at a cost.

Two weeks into the New Year and I am involved in a car crash (wasn't my fault but the Fleet Manager reckons no more work cars for me) and I still have internal bruising on my leg.

A few weeks later, in a flurry of interviews, I get the job that will move me to the same state as HR. This has been a double edged gift. I am glad to move after seven years in the one job. However where I work is way different to what I am used to and quite frankly I have no qualifications for the tasks I am set. There is precious little support and encouragement from my 'team' and often I flounder. I get tasked by my immediate and my second level supervisor  and get half assed instructions that make it tricky to prioritise work let alone complete it. Ah well I got what I wanted yeah?

We sold the house as we travelled from one end of the country to the other. We didn't get what we wanted for the house and the pennies we did have left over were used to; buy a  car for the Mini Brat, pay several lots of Bond money (the Boy Child and the Consort have gone their separate ways, as a consequence two households needed to be set up), and sundry other child expenses.
So again I got what  wanted – the house sold.

I am learning to live with HR again after 18 months apart. There are times I'd like to strangle him and I am sure he feels that he would like to strangle me too.

It's different not being in the same state as my children and Mother and that can add stress at times as we try and coordinate communications.

I wanted my Brisbane Lions to be competitive but it seems that was too big an ask of the Universe. 2017 is another year.

HR and I have been on a cruise, I think there's a blog in that.

I am looking for another job but while I have had a few interviews I have not yet been successful.

I have had a nasty dose of the flu complicated with cardiac issues – I had ten days off work….swings and roundabouts there yeah?

I am off to Wodonga again in October to have my birthday dinner at Miss Amelie!!!!!!!!!

Ah well there's still a few months left in this year lets see what good things it brings shall we?

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