Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheese (parody)

I am partial to the odd piece of cheese. I like ALL kinds of cheese from a nice Camembert to a strong Blue Vein and everything in between. I especially like the Blue Vein in a sauce on a medium rare steak…but that's another story.

Today I feel constrained to blog about a cheese I have been nibbling over the last week: Mainland Smoked Cheddar. 'A smokey flavoured cheddar that's warm and cheery like an open fire' is he blurb on the packaging. It lives up to its name! A lovely tasty, smokey, slightly crumbly, cheddar that tantalises the taste buds and goes with anything!

Just now I had some cold roast chicken, salami, cherries, apricots and the delicious smoked cheddar for a light evening repast. The cheese doesn't overwhelm the taste of its culinary companions but niether is it lost in their various flavours – it holds its own in any company.

There are occasions when a biscuit is needed with one's cheese and with this little beauty I match it with a multigrain Salada and a sweet white wine, Brown Brother's Moscato, is my preferred tipple. Yes yes I am told red wine is served with cheese but…..as I always point out…I am not a food connoisseur I just eat and drink what I like.

Sometimes I have been known to wrap the delicious morsels of smokey cheddar goodness in a slice of salami as a quick pick me up snack!
Now if HR were here to assist me in the consumption of said cheese, he'd be looking for some olives and cellery! And of course we would argue about what kind of olives!

 So all in all this Mainland Smoked Cheddar is a tasty versatile cheese that I will be looking for again when I hit the shops!!!

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