Its the End of the World as We Know It

Here at The Mausoleum we have several traditions that are about to hit the dirt. (The Mausoleum is in the process of size reduction and eventual move to Brisvegas)
The first tradition to go is the Manager Finance (MF) BBQ-ing every day for the last two weeks of December. During the year we have a welfare club that provides snags (sausages) every Tuesday and Thursday, and bacon and egg burgers every pay day (fortnightly). The welfare club ceases this activity (due to most people being on holidays) the second week of December. MF bravely steps in and provides us with all manner of bbqed delicacies from chicken skewers to bacon and egg burgers and a lot in between. He sends an email every morning to apprise us of the day’s offerings and then off he goes at 0930 to light the barbie!
But now, alas, the MF has chosen to leave us! There was a collective groan throughout The Mausoleum at the announcement. Who will cook for us next year? What will we do without the delicious little morsels to look forward to on otherwise boring days? MF saves us all in these last few working days and next year he won’t be here…….
To the Manager Finance I offer my heartfelt thanks for the years of service to the tongs, and wish you every happiness and success in whatever you do in your future!!!
The second tradition is the Punters Club (PC). The PC has existed time out of mind and is/was a bunch of like minded people who liked to take a chance with Lady Luck on the horses, dogs, keno, lotto, two flies crawling up a wall, you get the picture! Now, one of the mainstays of this club, DD, has decided retirement is the go and thus the club will disband after March next year (Hagalicious can’t go on without DD apparently). Never again will we gloat or bemoan the weekends tipping and check the spreadsheets to see who has won the most. Never again will we sit, as a club, in the Legends Room at Clifford Park Raceway on our special yearly break up day. 
Enjoy your retirement DD!!!!
The third tradition is the Christmas Pub Crawl (CPC). Every year, Management (yes that means me), puts on a Chicken and Champagne breakfast for our staff to say Thank You  for making us look good all year. The CPC takes place after the Chicken and Champagne. Designated Drivers ferry the festive folk to the nominated starting pub and the crawl begins! We sample most of the 'in' pubs playing pool and cranking up the juke box singing along to the tunes. Sadly there will be one last hurrah and then no more. To the stalwarts who are there every year, thank you for your company SALUTE!!!

There are a few other traditions that are coming to an end and I will blog about them separately over the coming days. It has been said that 'change is goodness' I'm not convinced…..

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