Slowly Losing My Mind (it'll take as long as footy season…)

27 March 2016
For the last six months I (and many others) have been whinging and whining that the Footy season is over (see my Up There Cazaly Blog for more explanations about Aussie Rules).
We have suffered through the glorious long hot summer, we've watched Cricket (see my I Don't Like Cricket Blog), hated Tennis ( no one blogs about Tennis) and even got excited about the pre season challenge…some of us have even found an new job interstate and are in the process of moving.

Four days ago we watched as Carlton made a good game against Richmond, going down gallantly by nine points.
We watched in astonishment as Melbourne pipped the Giants by two points, ruining everyone's tipping. We watched the suns belt Essendon as expected, watched an engrossing game between North Melbourne and Adelaide (North won). We snickered madly waiting for Eddie shots as the filth (Collingwood) went down to the Swans (and prayed we don't cop as big a hiding tonight). The Bulldogs upset Fremantle and Port Adelaide finally triumphed over St Kilda.
Now its the Brisbane Lions versus West Coast Eagles and we are getting smashed…sigh.

I hate footy season.I hate being full of hope and confidence and then as the day gets closer I start to fret. I worry. I start making deals with God/the Universe. I think if I do this then the boys will win. It's agony.
I hate reading Twitter as the game unfolds. If I am not at the game I cannot watch us play live on the telly. I swear, a LOT, I shout and carry on, and the neighbours worry.
I 'watch' the game via the AFL site, watching the stats but not the play.
I hate seeing my boys getting their arses handed to them. I hate seeing the umpires favour the high flying teams. Some of the umpiring decisions tonight have been abysmal even allowing for my bias. As I am oft want to advise the umpires when I attend a match …CONSISTENCY, IT ISN'T JUST FOR PUDDING!!!!!!!!!
I am hoping Leppa can get the boys up and about after half time.
The Twitter is going off that even though we are thirty nine points down we are looking a better team than we did last year.There is hope. There is ALWAYS hope.
Last year the club slogan was ' Believe Belong'. I believe in my team.
This year is 'Your team. Represent'. I LOVE my team.
Even though I won't live in Queensland anymore, I will still be a loyal Lions fan, I will still sponsor my player, Josh Clayton (number 19) and I will still be a member of the Women Of The Pride!!!!!

One day we will revisit the pinnacle of success, the Grand Final, and we WILL WIN and raise that Premiership Cup high and sing the club song loud and proud:

We are the Pride of Brisbane Town
We wear maroon, blue and gold
We will always fight for victory
Like Fitzroy and Bears of old
All for one
and one for all
We will answer to the call
Go Lions, the Brisbane Lions
We'll kick the winning score
You'll hear the mighty roar!!!!!

© 2021 Kezzstar24