Patience is a VIRTUE!!!!!!

I am so close to cutting my nose off to spite my face. You may ask why would one do that?Well…

Tuesday the removalists turned up and we were busily packing when the real Estate agent calls: 'Can I bring someone through today…'
Well sure but you know we're moving and the place is trashed and
'Oh that's ok. They don't mind'
So through the punters trundle and we play dodge the buyer.

Wednesday we are madly cleaning. The Real Estate agent rings: 'It ticked their boxes but I didn't get the high five moment. Will keep you up to date'

Thursday 40 minutes into a six hour drive the madness begins. 'They made an offer it's this many days and this many whatevers and the offer is…' and the phone cuts out in a black spot.
Drive madly to the next major town for coverage and get the offer which is madly below the asking price.
The next four hours of the drive are spent playing phone tag with the Real Estate agent and HR (HR is driving the Beast and I am driving my gorgeous little KIA). We finally negotiate a price and the contract is emailed to us.

We arrive at the day's destination and are hassled by the real Estate agent to get the contract signed and back to her.  Umm we have no printer/scanner they can wait till tomorrow when we get to the final destination. 'Oh well they're awfully keen' YES and I will get stuff done when I can get to the technology I need and a chance to read the bloody contract.

Friday another 6 hour drive punctuated with texts as to where we are at with the contracts!
Arrive at the final destination and call the agent and she informs us the buyer has said if we don't have the contracts to her/them by 0900 tomorrow he will rescind the offer.
You KNEW from the start we were packing and moving and you've been told on several occasions we're driving so how about you exercise some patience!!!!!!!!

So now COB Friday has come and gone and I have the contract signed and witnessed and scanned in, attached to an email ready to send…Some one needs to make me hit send….cos I don't want too
Don't poke the bear people…..I hate being threatened!!!!!

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