Settling in

Previously on my blog HR and I abandoned 18 years of history in Queensland and moved to New South Wales (NSW) (yes HR left 18 months before me but whatever) and we did the whole negotiate a price for the house whilst driving across Australia.
Several weeks have passed and we have moved into a rather nice abode (rental) and started the next phase of life.

I now work in the same building as HR but thankfully we rarely cross paths. If I thought the previous place of employment was a Mausoleum I truly had no clue, at least that place had windows!!!! I will heretofore refer to my place of employ as 'The Crypt'.
My new job has quite the story attached. The day I started a lovely young lady met me in reception and after introducing herself she advised me that she would teach me the role I was to have in this organisation (she had been dong the job temporarily and was about to return to her own organisation). For three weeks we worked closely together and I dutifully learned the ropes. But wait, there are rumours flying, it seems that the hierarchy don't want the young lady to leave, it seems the hierarchy might have a cunning plan to keep her (all well and good but where does that leave me?).
Upshot is that the hierarchy had their way and the young lady was spirited 'upstairs' with the role she was supposed to hand over to me…….  oh well I still have a job just no idea what it is (and the extra remuneration I was slated for went with the work)
The following week I front up to work and the boss calls me in and explains her vision for me. As I walk out from a very good meeting she asks me to prepare the forms for the extra remuneration (woohoo). So now I have a focus and some extra pennies and I am quite happy with it all. And yes I have applied or some other jobs but as a promotion where I am (fingers crossed)

Right so while all the above is transpiring the saga of the house sale continues.I swear the bloody real estate agent is actually working for the buyer not us. Making all the demands for the buyer and when I demure she's their advocate!!!!!!

So the house is officially under contract, the contract is unconditional and settlement is next week. The Moet is in the fridge.

But what about the cat I hear some of you ask…
Well, the poor kitteh was placed in a cattery for the first time in her life while we cleaned house, drove interstate and set up the new place. Kitteh has NEVER been away from home before and she has certainly never been on a plane before!!! HR picked her up from the airport. Our once aloof skittish kitteh is now the biggest sook ever!! She sleeps on the end of the bed, snuggles up on the couch in the evening and is even nice to us. Of course she absotively LOVES the stairs and thunders up and down them regularly.

Anyway, back to HR and me.  I haven't killed him yet.

We have a reasonable division of labour going on. I have some weekends to myself and he has some of  his weekends during the week so there is still a degree of separation. 

This weekend is one we share so we're off to the coast. The blogging will be more regular now as I will be reporting on where we go and the experiences we have.

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