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This is living….

HR and I trundled off to Batemans Bay today. Not an onerous journey at all. Some lovely scenery and quaint towns on the way, though the traffic behaviour left quite a bit to be desired. Yes Mr NSW Ford Territory, I am looking at you you tailgating fool!!!! HR was quite cross and was seen to apply the brakes in an effort to dissuade Mr NSW Ford Territory from getting any closer, apparently HR could not see the car's grill in his mirrors.

Batemans Bay is a very pretty place.

This is the view from the room at Mariners on the Waterfront.
Mariners on the Waterfront is perfectly positioned. Close to all the shops and eateries, has picturesque views and a hotel/restaurant attached. Perfect one would think. But alas the rooms themselves leave a bit to be desired. At $150.00 a night in coastal NSW I would expect a little more luxury than we have. On the website the rooms look lovely, frankly I have paid less for better in country NSW.

Rooms aside the food at the restaurant/hotel was really excellent for pub meals and the views from the pub's decks and balconies are pure awesomeness.

HR and I had several pre dinner drinks on the deck over looking the bay. As the daylight faded (and the level lowered on HR's beer) we made our way to the dining room.

HR availed himself of a 250gm steak with mushroom sauce (the Philistine eats it medium to well done ugh). The steak was cooked as ordered and the gravy was really quite tasty not the usual mass produced from a tin of instant one normally gets from a pub. The salad dressing was not the usual pub french dressing.
I ordered the seafood platter. A very tasty and nicely presented plate with fresh prawns, local oysters, beetroot cured salmon, salt and pepper squid, seared garlic scallops,fish in tempura, chips and salad.It was a freaking huge plate full!!!!! The salmon and the fish were the best part of this meal and the squid was cooked perfectly. I do like tempura , it's cleaner and crisper than your average batter.
The meal was so huge there was not even a hint of a thought of dessert.
A perfectly acceptable dining experience!

Back in the room and HR made me a lovely cup of Madame Flavours Delicate Green Jasmine and Pear tea ( see my blog 'Lets Talk About Tea') and we watched the last quarter of the Giants v Hawks game. A great end to a great day as the Hawks got hammered by 75 points. Last years Premiers not looking quite as good as they could (see my blog 'Up There Cazaley' for an explanation ). Of course that is yet another result that has screwed my tipping up this week. Ah well, we all know tipping is a mugs game……

Anyway the Cats are eclipsing the Suns and I have yet another cup of tea. Tomorrow we shall return to the home front and commence preparations for another fun filled week at  The Crypt!!

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