It's Closing Time (on the house sale)

Those of you (you precious few) that read my blog (bless all six of you whoever you are) will recall that HR and I are in the process of selling a house.

You might recall my blog 'Patience is a Virtue' where I mentioned casually that the buyers of aforementioned house had been quite insistent that we produce signed contracts on such a date at such a time or they would rescind their not so generous offer. You might also recall I was having difficulty pressing send on the email containing the required contracts (HR pushed the button so to speak).

Subsequent blogs have mentioned that the buyers (God bless them) wanted to bring the settlement date forward and HR and I were happy with that.

Today is the day they SHOULD have settled. Well guess what? Those lovely impatient people weren't ready and asked for an extension!!!! You can imagine our response. We were NOT happy one little bit. You might say I was a bit cross actually. I may have used profanity quite liberally and creatively. However, as HR and I are REALLY bloody nice people ( and original settlement day was next Monday anyway) we acquiesced to their request.

Meanwhile the real estate agents are sending me 'rate your agent' emails. Cool I will rate my agent when the transaction is completed. Well no they think I should rate when they want me to so they send reminder emails. SERIOUSLY  you might want to wait until the damned house settles before I tell you what I really think of your agent, because believe you me if the buyers default (and that will be a whole other story) I will NOT be continuing to use you or her as an agent, let me be VERY clear on that. The agent has made it abundantly clear that they are only interested in the dollars at the end of the transaction and that they do not care about being honest in getting those dollars, nor are they about the seller in any way shape or form.

So tomorrow at 2:00 pm they will once again attempt to complete the settlement of the house.
I am not holding my breath.

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