Not Happy

Well that was pretty bloody ordinary. To say I am miffed is an understatement. I am borderline furious actually.
4 weeks ago I made an appointment to see a 'professional' service provider in the cosmetic solutions industry. Yes I was looking at a non invasive facelift type procedure – all the rage and no down time.

Sunday I got a text asking me to confirm my appointment and I duly responded with the required 'Y'.

I forgot to tell HR about the text and so today he rang them to confirm. Whilst on the phone they asked if I could go in earlier as they had had cancellations. HR indicated this was highly unlikely as I was at work and I was already finishing early to make the 4 o'clock appointment. HR advised me of this conversation but said the appointment was still on.

3 o'clock I get to my car to discover 7 missed calls and two texts. Remember where I work I cannot have my mobile phone with me for security reasons.

I call the number in the text. I ask them what is going on. The person was all. 'oh I don't see your name here who are you again?' I repeat that I have an appointment at 4 and that someone, obviously not her, has been calling me. 'Oh she is in with someone I'll get her to call when she gets out. What is your number?' Fecking heck I think you HAVE my number if the texts and missed calls are anything to go by. I repeat my number five times before they finally get it right. 'She'll call right back' Yep no worries there might be a black spot on my way in to you but keep trying. 'Oh yes we will call for sure'

I drive from work straight there and am 15 minutes early for the appointment. No phone call. No text.
I park the car and walk into the building. The door is locked and the lights are off.

How totally bloody rude!!! How bloody unprofessional!!!
They couldn't be bothered hanging around for my appointment cos they wanted to go home early.
I already knew what I wanted from these people and this appointment was a confirmation and then book for the 'procedure' worth $2,500. I took time off work and was so excited.
Guess I will just have to find somewhere else to spend my money eh?

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