As you all know I moved interstate earlier this year.
A good move mostly, the usual hiccups – settling into the new location and job, learning to live with HR again after 18 months of blissful peace…..
I think the worst thing about moving is trying to find the right 'support' team; you know – hair stylist, colourist, beautician and nail tech.
Three months in and the search continues, though I MAY have the hair stylist, colourist and beautician sorted. The nail tech not so much.
I had intended to continue getting my hair done in Queensland – once a month when I go up to visit Mother. Sadly every fricken Saturday I go up my stylist is not working!!!!
So I tried the local hairdresser in the local mall and while they did a reasonable job and didn't cost the earth the atmosphere wasn't quite what I wanted. I mean when I go to the salon it's all about ME!!! The interaction with my stylists etc must be positive, fun and at my whim. So I asked around at work and they recommended a place in Canberra, but on reflection it looked very young, not for the more mature person such as myself so I kept looking.
Then one day I was stuck at the lights and just idly surveying the scene when what should I see to my left but a hair salon. When I got home I googled the shop and lo and behold they had a website. Right then…I made the call. an appointment for Thursday afternoon.
I duly turned up for said appointment. We spent time discussing what colour and style I wanted. My hair will no longer hold red colours they fade quickly and look nasty. I decided to get the red out. An hour later the foils and colour were in. 45 minutes later the colour was set and time for the wash. The best part of going to the salon is the head massage!!!! Then it was time for the cut. The manager of the salon cut my hair and I am really happy with the style. Then came the drying and styling. The colour is gorgeous! Hardly any red left.The foils are subtle and natural looking. I actually look younger with this cut and colour!!
Three hours have passed and I am quite hungry as I thought this would take 90 minutes tops and then I would go and have dinner with HR. Now it is time for the 'beauty' Eyebrows waxed and tinted and of course the top lip rip!!
Because my hair is so fair whenever I get an eyebrow tint it can be quire scary lol. All of a sudden I have eyebrows.
It was after 9 pm when I got out of there and I went in at 5:30, almost 4 hours. I think it was worth it.
I am going back again. When I am sure I am on a winner I will name names!
Now if I could just find a decent nail tech…….

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