Middle Age Spread

Right then, it seems HR and I might be a bit overweight; a bit pudgy,soft around the middle, showing signs of too much good living. Time to get our lard arses of the couch and out of the pig pen.

HR has chosen ' The Man Shake' for reasons best known to him. He will replace two meals a day with the shakes and have a portion controlled bad carb free dinner. Lots of water, healthy snacks and dammit 30 minutes of exercise a day!!!

I have chosen the 'Lite and Easy' breakfast and lunch option, again a portion controlled evening meal, bad carb free etc etc etc (thank you Yul Brynner “The King and I“). The Normal Autistic Brat has been using Lite and Easy for 5 months now and along with a few other shifts in eating habits (read she finally dropped the junk) she has successfully dropped 10 kilograms.Of course I need to get myself off the couch more than HR does.

HR has helped me make a start on putting together my own little workout/meditation room. I think the dual purpose is appropriate. I have real issues going to a gym/working out in public, I have no idea why. I am sure some psychology type could tell me but whatever.
HR can use the gym at work and the walking track as well as the walks we can do round our home suburb.

HR's shakes arrived in a large box complete with shaker and instructions and meal plans and this will last him three months. He has a choice of shake flavours.We have been shopping for healthy snacks for HR. The instructions suggested yoghurt or nuts so we got a selection of both for him to chose from.
My food arrived in a Styrofoam cooler, has  fridge and a freezer components and will last me a week. I get to make choices about what food I eat each day for a week but have to order every week ( there is an auto order option I may look into further down the track). I will share some of HR's snacks in the evenings if I feel the need.

We started today 7 May 16 on our journey to healthy weight, fitness and better living.
We weighed in (classified info thank you very much) and took a few vital measurements (I SAID classified ok?) We will update these every week.

HR made his first shake, chocolate, and first thing he noticed was that the consistency was that of a thick shake whereas other shakes he had experienced were more like milk shakes. He reckons that the shakes must have fiber in them as well. he had vanilla for lunch and yoghurt for his afternoon snack.

My first breakfast was a two egg omelette with ham, tomato and cheese. Mid morning snack was grapes. Lunch was a chicken wrap and mid afternoon snack was kiwi fruit and mixed nuts. So much food that was healthy and tasty and prepared in perfect portion sizes t help me achieve my weight loss goals. I like the idea of the meals being sorted for me, it's really going to be convenient just grabbing a bag of food for lunches at The Crypt.

This is going to be an interesting journey for us hope you lot come along for the ride.

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