He Ain't Heavy, He's My Hubby

Previously on my blog (Middle Age Spread)…HR and I have embarked on a weight loss venture, time for some updates!!

HR may have lost more weight than me but percentage wise we are even…go figure.

HR says the shakes are getting a bit hard to take, it's almost winter and the shakes are made with ice cold water, I shudder watching him. There is absolutely NO WAY I would do those shakes, uh uh not me.
My food is really quite tasty and there's heaps of it. Sometimes I don't get through all of the snackage pieces but I do make a determined effort to eat the lunches at a regular time. I wonder though if there is a little too much bread product. I have noticed that after a few days I no longer seem to hit a wall at 2 o'clock in the afternoon.
HR and I generally have a tasty evening meal (mostly to make up for his cold blandness during the day) but we have gone down the whole portion control thing.
We have also decided that we can have one 'mad' meal a week where we break the shackles and have something really yummy and not for everyday consumption.

This week we chose Saturday evening for the mad meal. Earlier in the week a friend came to visit and she mentioned a Southern Fried Chicken outlet in a neighbouring suburb, so HR, in his infinite wisdom, decided that was to be the mad meal for this week.

Kingsley's Chicken  serves excellent fried chicken with acceptable chips and a very nice gravy at a  reasonable price!!!! We got five pieces of chicken with a small chips and gravy. Very tasty!!! the chicken was moist and tender under a crisp mildly spicy skin , the chips appropriately salted and the gravy slightly peppery.
Next week we are going Chinese!!!!

Because my beloved Brisbane Lions were getting seven kinds of crap kicked out of them later that evening we shared a small block of Cadbury Snack chocolate.

HR is in for a bit of a treat this week, I am off to Brisbane to attend the Player sponsor function ( I sponsor Josh Clayton) and won't be taking my meals with me so he gets to enjoy the tasty breakfasts and lunches so they don't go to waste. I think he is really looking forward to it.

I have started doing some low impact aerobics this week so hopefully my weight drop will be a bit better than last week. Of course there will be the interruption of being away, and all that champagne I will drink at the function, but I will try to keep food choices healthy and junk to a minimum.

Anyway, more updates to come wish us luck!

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