Life Is What Happens To You While You're Busy Making Other Plans

John Lennon was so damned right!
I really do not like the things I have to do to get to where I want to be; on a cruise, sipping cocktails, on the Lido Deck (roll on August!!!)

Take work for instance…please just take it.. The Mausoleum is certainly not a fun place to work anymore. Organisational Restructure is the buzz word. Change Management is the result. BUT… no one bloody knows what the hell they are doing!!!!!
Let's set up THIS organisation they say, it'll be great. But they have no clue what the organisation should be doing, what positions will be required, and therefore no idea how many people they will need. Oh and just for fun? we'll make the organisation out of existing roles and people, and they'll have to relocate, and um yeah maybe after a year or so their position won't actually exist anymore so they won't have a job……but is a hell of a ride yeah???

Some of us have been a bit proactive and secured a position far far away, where HR works actually (cue massive reunion scene…or not, there'll be a funeral shortly…mebbe).

This presents its own set of problems; there's a house to sell, a removal to organise, securing a new abode (HR's mini pad is too small for two house fulls of furniture and a cat), oh and there's training someone to do my job (which may or may not exist in the future) which means writing work instructions ( I FECKING HATE WRITING WORK INSTRUCTIONS!!!!!). Then there's making sure The Mini Brat has a car that actually goes, wondering the best way to transport the aforementioned cat, keeping the house clean for prospective buyers to view (if there were any), working out how to live on fresh air while we pay a mortgage AND rent…where's my wine?????

Of course in the midst of all this frantic activity one then sits bolt upright and ask…am I doing the right thing??
Well guess what? It's a bit bloody late now to change your mind……

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