Flower Power

No one could ever call me a gardener. I kill more than I grow (except for kids…I didn't kill the kids) however, I digress…
Just because I am a woeful gardener doesn't stop me appreciating gardens.
One of the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen is the Botanical Gardens in Wellington, New Zealand. The most beautiful part of those gardens is Begonia House.
Begonias to me are the plants Mum grew in the little sun room at the back of the house (when I bought the house I pulled the sun room down and replaced it with a bloody big patio).

Mum's Begonias

Bloody big patio (house is for sale if you're interested)
 Anyway, a couple of years ago HR and I went to Wellington to watch the Brisbane Lions Play (and win) against StKilda. We made a holiday of sorts and stayed a few days. We  took the Cable Car up to the Botanical Gardens and walked down through acres of beautiful gardens.

The Cable Car, the picture doesn't quite do justice as to how steep the climb is.

The walk through the gardens is picturesque but as already mentioned I fell in love with the Begonias. The Begonias are grown in a huge hot house. It is like a jungle in there! But the way the whole green house is set out is amazing and the Begonias of all shapes and sizes are totally glorious to behold.

The Begonia House.

The images I am about to regale you with are all taken with my Samsung Tablet, and they are all Begonias.

I mean Mum's Begonias are lovely and all but……How magnificent are these blooms? How gorgeous is the setting?
No wonder I am hatching a cunning Begonia plan!!

HR is about to find out the hard way (reading my blog) that I want a small greenhouse when I move to where ever it is he is living. I want to grow Begonias, some like Mum's, but more like some of these pictures. I think I'm ready to become a gardener, but not just ANY gardener, a BEGONIA gardener. Yeah!!!!

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