Chapter Sixty-Two: Threats and Intimidation

"Who gave you an Emerald Suit?" Mobster Marion glared at Sidewinder from across the large dinnertable.

"I took Marks old one that he left behind when he defected to the Crusaders." Sidewinder replied.

"Why are you doing this Sidewinder? Your task is to maintain the Mobs position on the Council and to be the legal name on all the Misneach assets! If anyone finds out that you're my sister and thus a part of the Mob, you'll lose everything and we'll be sorely under-represented on the Council board!" Mobster Marion scowled.

"Oh we will not, just about every Councillor on that board has been either paid off or scared into submission!" Sidewinder smirked, her long blonde hair flowing freely over her shoulder.

"Not all of them. That interferring idiot Peter Masters is getting into their ears, and HE'S got those pests Chuckles and Giggles on his side, along with the Last Order." Demon Jones pointed out.

"While we DO appreciate that you have the Dragon Scale and the Mystic Eight for us now, please keep your head down. Those assets and that title are your birthright, you need to protect them." Mobster Marion tried. She loved very, very few things in this world, and her sister was one of them.

"My birthright, that'll end up going to YOUR second child." Sidewinder sneered. "And if you think you're getting your hands on my new toys, you can just forget it!"

"SIDEWINDER!" Mobster Marion cried. Her sister got up and stormed off; she'd had enough of this for one day.

Two dark brown eyes gazed into the opposing aquamarine ones. Two highly unimpressed brown eyes.

"We're TRYING to play cricket here!" Belle scowled at Judith Jofrey, who had walked right through the middle of their game on her way to the Masters front door.

"Oh is that what you're doing? I assumed you were all drunk and behaving disorderly." Judith looked down her nose at the shorter woman.

"Well…" Belle had to admit the older woman with her short-cut brown hair had a point. Charlie currently had Daniel in a headlock, whilst being punched by Sam, who was about to be tackled by Petunia, who was being held back by TJ, who was having his ankle twisted by Tammy who was having her hair pulled by Sunny, whom Belle had dragged to the ground.

"It's a very involved sport." Daniel tried to explain, throwing Charlie off and straightening himself up. "I'm Daniel."

"Charming." Judith scowled. "Is Mr. Masters home?"

"Sure is. OZZIE!" Called Belle. Sure enough, seven-year-old Oscar Masters-Vargus came running out.

"You called?" He grinned at his older sister, guessing the joke.

"I meant Peter!" Judith yelled angrily. "I wouldn't be so jovial if I were you Miss Masters, I believe that you've been suspended AGAIN for causing a disturbance in the Court?"

"What about it?" Belles temper flared.

"Hey, no need to start attacking each other now, let's all just be friends huh?" Daniel tried to step in. Behind him, he could hear contained laughter and was pretty sure TJ was elbowing Sam in the ribs and pointing at his back.

Judith sneered.

"If you ever want to see the inside of a courtroom again Miss Masters, I suggest staying on my right side. Consider yourself warned." She stalked towards the front door, where Lara was about to step out to do some shopping.

"Is Peter Masters home?" Judith asked her.

"Sure, let me show you where he is." Lara said, praying that her husband had put a shirt on since she'd left him drinking with Thomas.

Once Judith had left, the laughter let loose.

"Someone's got a crush!" Petunia giggled uncontrollably.

"Next time I'll be nicer to your girlfriend Danny." Belle couldn't stay upright she was laughing so hard.

"Shut. Up." Daniel glared at the hysterical group. "Or shall we talk about how SOME people like to step on their own wicket?"

Laughter over.

"Peter." Judith looked down her nose at the two men who were happily drinking beer, lounging around the back yard.

"Councillor Jofrey!" Peter leapt to his feet and grabbed for his shirt as Thomas fell out of his hammock. "How can I help you today?"

"I'm here to discuss your continued employment with the Pleasantville Council." Judith continued, not at all impressed with what she was seeing. "And how your professional values and beliefs line up with those of the Council."

"What that's supposed to mean?" Peter finished pulling on his shirt and looked Judith in the eye.

"It means that you're stepping into business that does not concern you. You're a prosecutor, that's IT. You have no place making your little "recommendations" to the more gullible members of the Council." Judith glared back. "Remember your place, Masters, or you will lose your position and your job."

"Is that a threat Miss Jofrey?" Peter scowled.

"Why would I have any need for threats?" Judith smirked. "You know you lose the protection of the Mob if you're not employed by the Council – otherwise you'd be in huge trouble."

"If you think I'm worried about the Mob you have another thing coming." Peter growled.

"You think that your little friends Chuckles and Giggles will protect you and your family?" Judith scoffed.

"Actually, yes, we're 100% certain that Chuckles, Giggles and the Noble Knights of the Last Order are enough to take care of us." Thomas piped up.
Judith couldn't help but smirk.

"Tom, you have to admit that even though the Knights are able to hold their own, they're not exactly the most reliable." Peter pointed out. The gleam in his best friends eyes suddenly made his stomach drop. "Don't you dare-,"

"What seems to be the issue here?" Giggles landed between Peter and Judith, making the woman jump back and Peter facepalm. "This man is under the protection of Chuckles and Giggles, your threats from an impotent Council have no power here."

"I hate everyone." Peter declared, as he walked inside. "Especially YOU." He directed a glare at Thomas who was laughing.

"What the hell did I just walk into?!" Judiths eyes darted between the three figures.

"Issues. Lots and lots of unresolved issues. I don't suggest trying to understand it, too much brain-hurtiness for one day." Giggles shrugged as Thomas fell off his hammock again.

"By the way, would you like to stay for dinner?" Thomas picked himself up, looking sheepishly at the Councillor.

"NO!" Was the resounding reply from Judith, Peter and Giggles.

"I'd like to introduce you to our new boss, Miss Judith Jofrey!" Daniels supervisor announced a few days later at work. Daniel frowned but joined in the clapping.

Judith smiled icily at her new employees. "You probably won't see much of me around, as I have quite a few places to be, but I know that you'll all continue to work hard and make this the best business decision I've made yet!" Her eyes met Daniels and he felt his breath catch in his throat. She smirked and was about to continue, when her phone went off very loudly.

"What is it?" She growled impatiently. Her expression went from annoyed to furious when she heard whatever was being said on the end of the line. "THOSE BASTARDS BETTER LEAVE MY TRAINS ALONE!"

She turned back to the mill workers. "I'm sorry, but I have to tend to an emergency down at the train yards. Have the rest of the day off!" She waved them all off, leaving Daniel suspicious. He hung back as everyone else vacated the building, waiting until he was sure he was alone.

He pulled out his own phone. "TJ? Get the rest of the Knights and meet at the train yards. I think the March Hill Crusaders are making a move."

"Can confirm that. I've been left back at the station while the others go out to the scene. Do you think they brought the tank with them?" TJ asked, lounging back in his desk chair, surveying his empty office.

"Wouldn't surprise me." Daniel grabbed his replica Dragon Scale Scythe out from underneath a rusty old machine that wasn't used anymore.

It wasn't the most noble thing in the world, but Daniel was looking forward to being able to defend Judith Jofrey.

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