In the beginning

Why am I blogging you might ask and I would answer: because it seemed like a good idea at the time (same reason most of us got married). Another reason to blog is to keep an account of the travels HR Puffnstuf (he who annoys me/husband) and I do over the next few years or so. The final reason I will offer for blogging is because it appears I am a foody and as such it behooves me to give my uneducated yet important opinion to the world on all the different restaurants HR and I dine at in the course of the aforementioned travels.
(Pauses while the comma f*&#kers of the world get over the lack of punctuation etc in the previous paragraph, of course that presupposes someone will actually read this)

Having made the decision to blog I then got the Normal Autistic Girl (Kezzstar) to get me started.

I am sure over the course of my blogging career I will make many mistakes (Kezzstar will make sure I know about them) but it's all about having fun yeah?

A quick list of characters that may feature regularly in my blogs:

HRPuffnstuf – Husband, annoying person extraordinaire, driver.
Kezzstar – eldest daughter, annoying know it all, tech support (reluctant)
The Boy Child –  Son, takes after his father
The Consort –  Son's partner, Mother of my Gorgeous Grandsons, Saint in the making
The Mini Brat – youngest daughter, tells the Tales of Tinder, loves her Mother (when it suits)
Skitteh – the Kitteh
The Beast – vehicle HR drives
Tenny – Kezzstar's car which I drive

And now to post my Very First Blog… Gee I hope someone reads it.

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