Just the Basic Facts.

Due to work requirements, HR and I live in different states from each other. One of the perks of this is that we get reunion visits. Most of the time I fly to where he is and we either hang out and explore the eateries there or we hop in The Beast and travel.
Another reason for travel is my Aussie Rules Footy Team THE MIGHTY BRISBANE LIONS.
We chose at least one none Queensland game a year and build a holiday around it.
2013 we went to Launceston to watch the Lions take on the Hawks, we enjoyed sampling the boutique wineries, chocolate, and cheese factories.
2013 I was at Kardinia Park (no matter what they call it it will always be Kardinia to me)  when whatshisface Chapman dived for the free kick and stopped us winning.
2014 we went to Wellington, New Zealand where the Lions hung on by the skin of their teeth to beat the Saints.
Anyway, you get the point, we travel A LOT!

One of my favorite destinations is Melbourne. I am writing this blog from the beautiful Toorak Manor Hotel in Toorak Victoria. We've just spent six hours wandering around St Kilda, South Melbourne, and Queen Victoria Markets.

This evening we will dine at one of the most amazing restaurants I have ever had the pleasure to eat at:  25 Toorak Road  South Yarra.

How did I discover this gourmet gem you might ask. Well let me explain…..
As a Lions supporter I frequent Twitter and Facebook and engage with other Lions Fans. One of these fans happens to be involved with 25 Toorak Road. Earlier this year HR and I decided to go and see what all the fuss was about.
We were delighted with what we found! So much so that we have travelled again to immerse ourselves in the finest dining experience we have encountered for quite some time.

Tonight's dining experience will be the subject of my next blog!!!!

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