Heartfelt Thanks

Recently I was involved in a car crash. Not my fault, and apart from a lot of bruises, aches and pains, I am  alive and thank fully so is the other driver.
The car I was driving (not mine) not so much.

I realise that the thanks I am about to offer in this blog may never reach the people involved,  I will write it anyway.
Almost from the moment of impact, perfect strangers came to help me out of the car and started calling the police and ambulance. Oddly enough the tow trucks seamed magically appear 🙂
As I was standing there surveying the carnage and feeling very lucky to be alive, a perfect stranger brought a chair out for me to sit on, I was pretty shaken,another brought me a lovely glass of ice water, a little girl talked to me and that helped me get a little control back.
My colleague who I had just dropped home came running and stayed with me, organising towing and administrative stuff (work vehicle).
Other people were doing the same for the other people involved. All these people helping and being concerned for people they had never met before and will most likely never meet again.
The ambulance personnel were amazing!!! The police were efficient and kind. The firemen were sweethearts ( they got my stuff out of the vehicle). The hospital staff were over worked but efficient and lovely.
The two colleagues that came and sat for hours with me at the hospital went above and beyond their duty of care and the Admin team at The Mausoleum were terrific too getting paperwork and such organised and I even got flowers!!!
My beautiful Mini Brat was awesome too, finishing work,coming to pick me up,  ferry me home and stay with me for the night.
The Normal Autistic Girl and the Boy Child live hours away but they have called regularly.
HR drove 12 hours straight to come home and look after me.

Car Crashes are pretty bloody scary, but the way people rallied about to help ( yes I understand for some it is their job but damn I am gratefull they do it so well) is very very humbling.


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