Cruisin' (Part 3)

There's nothing quite like the gentle motion of a ship on the seas to rock you off to sleep.
The dozen or so cockatils consumed had nothing to do with it!!!

Waking up knowing someone has cooked breakfast and you don't have to clean up the wreckage is so cool. Then while you consume said breakfast someone cleans the bathroom, makes the bed and replenishes the fresh fruit basket. Bliss.
After breakfast a brisk walk around the 'top' deck watching as the serious runners breeze by you (really who does THAT much exercise on hols?) and then down to deck 5 to the coffee shop for tea, coffee and trivia!
Ok so there are lifts on board to get us from lowly deck 5 to the lofty heights of deck 11 but HR and I chose to take the stairs! Theres a hell of a lot of stairs between decks you know, sometimes we had to take a break at deck 8…at the Casino.

Hagalicious and I did a Martini Masters course. So much fun!!! and of course the martini's were not wasted (on me anyway) Hagalicious decided martini is not her preferred tipple. The wait staff in the Orient bar (deck 7) are a very talented bunch. They sing, they dance, and make a wicked martini. Lots of audience participation in the dancing. Haven't laughed so much for ages.

HR and CR sat at another bar drinking and doing whatever it is blokes do when women aren't around to advise them.

Now on board the beautiful Pacific Dawn there are two Cocktail folders, each with a different selection to choose from. In the fine tradition of Bar Auditors around the world I sampled ALL of them (except the choclatey ones, I don't do chocolatey drinks, though the Toblerone almost got me to change my mind). I coud do a seperate blog comaparing the relative merits of each drink I tried but I think I woud be the only one who enjoyed it. One cannot drink vicariously, it just doesn't work.

Whilst this blog is predominantly about food I won't go into graphic detail, but suffice to say the Eggs Florentine were deliciously perfect, the Salmon and Cream Cheese Omelette was divine and the cheese boards were very acceptable!
I will however, mention Luna one of the specialty restaurants on board. There is a cover charge of $29 per person but it is so worth it! The restaurant rotates between various Asian cusines and this cruise was a Japanese degustation. Eight courses of  beautifully cooked and presented Japanes foods ( the menu is downloadable from the Luna link in this blog). Some different tatses for us to try and I enjoyed it all.

Now when I mention Bingo a lot of you will groan but…when the jackpot sits at $5000.00 and you're two numbers off it can be pretty exciting ( no we didn't win but hell we had a good try).

Apart from Bingo and trivia there was plenty more to occupy us including a very funny Hypnotist (Anthony B Laffan) who had some of the guests doing very funny things, an excellent review called Life as We Know It, an engrossing talk from the Pilot who navigated us through The Great Barrier Reef section of the trip, oh and Name That Song ( another hilarious take on trivia) to name a few.

And every day that lovely cabin person came cleaned the bathroom and made the bed !
Cruising is such a joy!

HR and I have already booked an amazing deal to sail on the Pacific Aria (yes she was 'christened' today in that P&O spectacular in Sydney Harbour) , A seven day cruise to Cairns, Willis Island etc in a Balcony room with a drinks package each and $300 room credit for $1729.00 each! Outstanding value.
I could go on and on and on…you get the picture, but I will make this the last Part of the cruisin' post.
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