Cruisn' (Part 2)

So here's how it all went down….

The afformentioned friends from the Mausoleum, HR and I all trundled down to Brisvegas the day before the cruise left We like to stay at the Airolodge and congregate around the pool sipping coldies of some description and generally getting into holiday mode. The Airolodge has the added advantage of 1.) cheap parking for the car while you cruise and 2.) they have a shuttle takes you down to the wharf in time for embarkation as well s being a comfy well priced hotel.
Next morning we saunter out for breakie and make sure we have the cash we want to leave with the purser for drinkies on the cruise (using debit//credit cards can freeze funds for a little while after the cruise so we use cash). Into the shuttle and off to the wharf for boarding. As we were in a Mini Suite we had priority boarding so we escaped the cattle crush of the lower decks (oh yeah we were snobby).
 On board we went to check out our suite and then up  the Lido deck for a cruising cocktail or six.
Watching the ebb and flow of the punters at the bar as the ship started to fill up with passengers is thirsty work.
After the Dawn set sail, promptly at 1600 hours, we went downstairs to get our bags unpacked and settle in before dinner. Problem:it seems HR had left some sort of multi tool in his bag from a previous trip and security wanted to have a word with him before he could have his bag!!! Seriously! Who does that???
Crisis averted and some welcome aboard champagne later, we went to dinner with our travel companions.
We dined at the Waterfront Restaurant Deck 7. It was a schemozzle!! There were several large parties aboard and the staff , God bless them, were overwhelmed.. mostly by the rudeness of some people!!
There was a wedding party (I'll swear they were from Bogan Central) very large in number and size…
The first lot of bread rolls had been consumed and a second lot was going round and then a third…but wait! Old mate in the back row didn't get a third roll ( he didn't need one either from the size of him) all hell broke loose! He chased the poor little wait person all the way back to the wait staion and commenced harranguing them at the top of his voice in front of a packed restaurant! Appalling behaviour, even his own family was embarassed.
Sadly the food that night was not what we had experienced on previous cruises and so we did not eat an evening meal there again this cruise.
After dinner we went to the coffee shop on Deck 5 for a soothing Jasmine tea (me) and a cappacino (HR). All in all a good start to the cruise. More to come soon!

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