Lucy in the sky…

Picture yourself in a boat on a river with tangerine tress and marmalade skies…

or a badly directed episode of Yes Minister…you chose

This is the farcical, sometimes comical, but always frustrating state The Mausleum finds itself in these days. “Organisational Change' it's called and it's doing my head in big time. Let's split from 'this' and call ourselves 'that' even though we're doing the same things as 'them' but wait lets consolidate that bit and relocate this bit and dammmit let's do it all again just one more time with feeling!!! Confused yet? Try living through it. Now we've reverted to 'that' name because after all we really ARE all working in the same domain after all and you know that bit that was ours for 12 months? well we can't have it any more because it fits better over there…….

oh and job security? WTF is that these days….

three new bosses in 12 months, or is it 6 in nine and hell where do I actually fit in any more and is my work really cotributing to the organisations goals?

So let's find a new job I says to meself……
where shall I work? shall I move interstate, inter ity or just inter current site?
what am I actually quallified for and Lord help me writing the application because I am damned if I know what to write after seven years in one spot.
Then there's the interview…can someone PLEASE tell me how NOT to look like a babbling idiot in front of an interview panel…..

Anyway I guess I screwed that one up…better luck next time eh?

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