All my life's a circle

Kind of weird really – a touch over fifty years ago, the family disembarked the Castel Felice  in beautiful Adelaide, now I have returned to work in the Outer Harbour vicinity.

The time in between has been interesting, growing up, travelling around Australia with Father's job, leaving home and starting work.

When I was a youngster my first job was in Darwin working for Woollies as a checkout chick – then I started a managerial trainee-ship – same company different city but alas I chucked it in for love and followed my then fiancee to Adelaide. In Adelaide I started my career as a barmaid/waitress – a career that spanned 15 years and several husbands.

I enjoyed my time in Adelaide, I was young and attractive and had a lot of fun.

26 years later and I am heading back. Kids have all grown up and it is time for me to have a career.

Oddly enough not everyone is supportive of my move.
It's nothing new, I have received precious little support from family over the years when I decide to do something.

I married my first husband because my mother made the ultimatum 'it's me or it's him' come on Mum – I am 19 and certainly not spending the rest of my life with you – I lived to regret that response; firstly I got divorced 2 years later and secondly of three kids I am the only one who maintains any contact with Mother – ringing twice a week and flying in once a month and when required.

When I separated from my second husband my Mother was less than supportive asking 'who do you think you are to have any more than what you have got' my response? 'I don't know Mum but I am going to go and find out'

Then my mid life crisis decision to go to Uni. My father in law thought I would be better off learning how to use the betting machines at the local pub and when my name was not in the paper for the first round offers they thought I was not good enough to get a place. What they didn't know was that the first round offers are for school leavers and then us mature age student types get offers in the second round…and I did.
Then it was oh well a Bachelor of Arts is the lowest degree it doesn't count for shit.
I completed my degree in the minimum three years with a B grade average while looking after three kids and a husband and renovating a house. I regret not attending my graduation ceremony. My proof reader for all my papers was someone I met AFTER completing my degree- more support from a total stranger than family.
Enough of the bleating, I have made decisions and lived with their consequences.

I am enjoying the change – my job is satisfying, I love the freedom of finally living alone for the first time in my life. I worry about my future though – like a lot of women my age I do not have sufficient superannuation to live on when I retire and will have to draw an age pension but the government of the day has decreed I must be 67 before I can.

Ah well let's see what the future holds shall we?

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