Be kind, rewind

Last time I blogged I discussed my return to South Australia.
I left that blog with 'let's see what the future holds'.

let me tell you what has transpired and how that future unfolded……

It's been a very interesting time

My job is interesting and the people I work with even more so.
I have had a wonderful 18 months or so of whale watching, balloon riding, flying a plane, wonderful degustations at fabulous restaurants, yacht sailing and fishing from a tinny.
There's been regular fly in fly out to Queensland to see Mother….and a few car trips of course.

The last car trip to see Mother was for her birthday/Easter 2019. We did some stuff for her about the place. You could see life was becoming evermore a struggle for her, oxygen 24/7 and little energy for eating or doing anything – no quality of life. There was a trip to Mother's specialist here and she told the specialist she had had enough and she was tired.The specialist discussed palliative care options.
Mother seemed happy with information she was given and we had a good chat about it on the way back to her place. Shortly after HR and I returned to our respective homes. A few days later Mother rang and asked me to come back up. When I got there we discussed her options further and settled on a plan of action. Ultimately Mother passed comfortably 3 May and was cremated a week later.

On my return home I decided to seek some medical advice re some pain I was experiencing on my groin area. I had been seeing physio, chiro and Bowen therapy about it to n avail. I had spoken to m gp about  a lump in the area but she said there was no lump there and to go away. The lump was  a 10x6x4 cm tumour. A secondary tumour. Three weeks after losing my Mother I was diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer.
I am currently 4 weeks into a 6 week treatment – chemo tablets day and night and radiation therapy 5 days a week.

I know that there are people out there with worse regimes and not so bright outcomes (there is no cure for me just contain and control) but I have to say I am tired of being tired, tired of feeling nauseous every time I think of food and tired of feeling so helpless. At least I am managing to get to work each morning for now.

I have the best people in the world on my team. My oncologists, the ladies who administer my radiation, the reception ladies, my co workers, my family and friends. There are people out there who do not even know me but the positive energy they put in the world that comes my way is amazingly helpful.

Anyway, 10 more treatments and 4-6 weeks recovery and then we shall have tests to see what damage has been done to this cancer.

I shall update in the fullness of time!!!!

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