It's been awhile, how have you all been? Good Christmas? New Year treating you well?

2016 was quite the crappiest year I have had for quite some time; car accident, crappy new job, family break up, another car accident, did I mention the crappy new job?
The highlight of the year was probably the cruise HR and I went on for his big 50 (though there were a couple of issues there too) and the fine dining at Miss Amelie  in Wodonga.

During my tenure at the crappy new job I applied for many other positions to get the hell out of there and ended up on a few merit lists. Merit lists are useful in that a prospective employer doesn't need to go through the interview, referee check stuff. They just call one in and have a chat to see how you might fit their requirement.

Mid December 2016 I was contacted by a prospective employer with a view to having a chat in Jan 2017. A few days later another prospective employer rang to interview me in Jan 2017 (not a merit list selection).

Christmas break was a welcome break. HR had to work Christmas and Boxing Day so I went to Mother's and saw the children and of course it was STILL 2016 and naturally there were dramas.
I flew in to Brisbane for the Brisbane Heat T20 games. It was a great season!

2017 and back to work, sigh.
Mid January I am contacted by both employers and the dance begins.  The merit list 'chat' went really well; the moment I saw the team I new this would be ok.  I reckon I really screwed up the proper interview for the second position.

In the end I got the position and a promotion from the merit list activity. I was placed on another merit list as a result of the second recruitment activity.

I started my new job just after HR and I got back from New Zealand (there will be a Land of the Long White Cloud blog shortly).

On my first day I got a message from the second employer asking for a contact number they had some good news for me. I sent m number, they rang and offered me a very exciting position…fecking heck what do I do now?????????
Three days later I get a call from a third prospective employer (merit listing again) offers me another whizzbang position!!!

I have analysed the pros and cons of each position and I figure I am staying where I am. However if they don't let me do some real work soon I just might defect lol……..

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