Boom Crash

So HR and I were sitting comfortably on a Friday evening, Scoffing pizza and discussing the week, when the phone rings. Nothing unusual in that. Except this time it was the call no parent wants to get. The Normal Autistic Girl being very calm whilst in the background her sister the Mini Brat is sobbing hysterically – they've been involved in a fender bender.
It would appear that a person has decided merging is for the birds and has tried to occupy the same space as the girls at the same time. The girl's have been hit on the passenger side and spun into on -coming traffic.
Now I am fairly blase about my children. There are times I will tell you I should never have had them – indeed my favourite advice to youngsters these days is don't get married, don't have children.
BUT they  are my children and I did give birth to them and NOBODY gets to hurt them in anyway shape or form!

Several months have passed by and the drama is almost over – both girls are well, the Mini Brat has a new car and Suncorp is a bloody good insurer!

2016 started with a crash – me and a work vehicle and ended with a crash- the girls and a taxi.

I am glad 2016 is gone.

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