Chapter Seventy-Nine: Good Enough for Government Work

Sir Lionheart felt a
bit foolish. Here was this huge beast of a man with a feminine voice
who had just called him “Knight” with a level of respect.
“Sir, um, you might
want to watch the knives. They're hollow and full of drugs that can
knock you out.” Sir Lionheart warned.
Richard Dickson walked
towards the Haunted Maze Troupers, pulling out his gun.
“Now I don't want to
have to use this, but I will in order to subdue you.” He told the
Troupers, who stared back blankly. Sir Lionheart squinted. No way…
One of the Troupers let
out a high-pitched giggle and threw a knife towards Dickson. It
missed, but Sir Lionheart hissed. It had come dangerously close to
Dicksons face, which meant-,
“As a member of the
Presidents Entrusted National Intelligence Service, I'm immune to
petty drugs like yours.” Dickson scowled. He pointed the gun at the
Trouper who had thrown the knife.
Sir Lionheart
swallowed. It WAS! That gun was a cousin of the Lucky Seven Gun and
the Mystic Eight Gun! Did that mean that a cousin of the Lions Claw
Blade and the Dragon Scale Scythe was nearby?
Dickon held the gun
steady. “Are you going to cooperate?”
Another Trouper threw
their knife too, missing Dickson by inches.
“So be it.”
Dickson pulled the
trigger twice. Nothing happened.
“Why did they give me
this stupid thing…?” Dickson pointed the gun downwards and
inspected the chamber. Suddenly, the gun went off twice, right in
Dicksons foot!
Sir Lionheart groaned.
Loudly. Bloody government employees…
“Fine, let's try
this!” Dickson pulled a dagger out of his belt. Sir Lionheart
grimaced. Sure enough, there was the talisman attached to the hilt,
a hedgehog. Sir Lionheart debated whether or not it was worth the
three hours it would take for Belle to explain it to him.
Dickson threw the knife
at the Troupers…unfortunately the talisman got caught in his
fingers, and the knife quickly turned around and stabbed its owner in
the hand.
“Hmm. Unfortunate. Oh
well, as you were Knight, I think you can handle this. I'm going to
continue my investigation.” Dickson looked at his wounded hand,
before walking away.
Sir Lionheart blinked.
He looked at the Troupers, who were shrugging to each other.
“I, um…I'll take
these kids to Peter Masters, maybe he can analyze what they were
given and see if we can't get them some treatment.” Sir Hyper
rubbed the back of his neck.
“Good idea.” Sir
Lionheart sighed. He noticed one of the Troupers about to hand
another little girl a stash of drugs. “NO.” He snatched the drugs
away and bopped the Trouper on the head with the butt of his replica
“Okay, hands up, who
actually expected a group with the name Presidents Entrusted National
Intelligence Service to actually be competent? Actually?!” TJ
groaned at the restaurant after Daniel had told them everything that
had happened.
“I don't think it was
him per se, but his weapons.” Belle piped up, her nose (where else)
in a book.
“Apart from
exposition, do you DO anything?!” Charlie groaned.
“Don't make me
reverse Clause you.” Belle threatened.
“What about his
weapons?” Daniel asked.
“I'm just looking at
it now, it seems -,” Belle started, only to be interrupted by
“I called my friends
over in Awesomica recently, and they said they'd been looking further
into the lore behind our weapons. If Dan is correct, then we're
looking at the Speedy Two gun and the Hedgehog's Quill Dagger.”
Charlie said.
There was silence.
“Awesome! Do you know
about any of the others?” Belle dropped the book and focused all
her attention on her best friend.
The others nearly
“No one seems to have
the full story, but it seems these weapons can be traced back to a
war 150 years ago. Somehow in this war the weapons were created and
made their way around the world.” Charlie tried to recount what
he'd learned. “There's seven pairs in total.”
“I've only heard of
the Lucky Seven and the Lions Claw, the Mystic Eight and the Dragons
Scale, the Palatable Six and the Stingrays Tail, the Quadroon Four
and the Elephants Tusk, and now the Speedy Two and the Hedgehog's
Quill. There's nothing I can find about the other two.” Belle
Charlie pulled out his
smartphone and checked his emails. “Here it is. The other two are
the Trinity Three and the Tigers Tooth Scimitar, and the Dangerous
Five Gun and the Wolf's Fang Gauntlet.” He said.
“This is all
interesting, but how does that help us now?” Sunny asked, again
trying to feed her daughter with limited success. “Bloody kids…”
“It's weird.” Belle
looked at Charlie. “I've never been able to use the Lions Claw
Blade, it's too heavy for me, and Charlie can't make the Lucky Seven
Gun fire.”
“None of us can, and
none of us are able to use the Lions Claw very well either.” Sammy
added. “Except Dan, but he's just talented.”
“I think you need to
have a certain level of skill to use these weapons.” Belle folded
her hands in front of her mouth and focused. “Or maybe it's a
certain bloodline.”
“Neither apply to
me.” Daniel said quickly.
“Hmm.” Charlie and
Belle continued to think.
“The point is, how
are we supposed to keep the Service from hurting themselves? More
importantly, how are we supposed to show them that the problem is
with the Pleasantville Council?” Tammy banged her hand on the
table, making everyone jump.
“Especially as Demon
is doing everything he can to keep Dad and I away from them.” Belle
“Maybe…maybe this
calls for something a little bit…covert…” Daniel rubbed his
chin, before grinning at Tammy.
“Me?!” She
“Of course! The
Shadow of the Last Order! The Ghost of the Last Order! Our own
invisible informant!” TJ cheered.
“Of course…she'll
need some help from the OTHER Knight who just so happens to work for
the Pleasantville Council…even if it IS their police force.”
Daniel smirked at TJ, who faltered.
“Of course! Demon
wouldn't DREAM that one of his cops is part of the Last Order! He
might have the reins tight on Belle and Peter, but he knows NOTHING
about TJ!” Petunia laughed. “Dan, you're a genius!”
“I know. That's why
I'm the leader.” Daniel stretched nonchalantly. Just then, Melody
spat up a mouthful of carrots all over his shirt.
“Sorry! She's being
difficult!” Sunny tried to clean up the mess as everyone laughed.

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