Chapter Seventy-Eight: The Presidents Entrusted National Intelligence Service

Peter Masters was old
enough to know better than to eavesdrop. He certainly should have
been professional enough.
The interesting
stranger who walked into Demons office was too enticing however. So
Peter decided today was the day to get all of his shredding done.
Nothing to do with the shredder being close to a vent that was right
next to Demon Jones office.
"Mr Dickson. It's
nice to meet you." Peter heard Demon say. The sound of clinking
alerted Peter to the fact that Demon was trying to ply his guest with
alcohol. Which meant this was either a good friend or Demon was
trying to intoxicate them to cover himself.
"I won't be
needing any of that." An almost female voice replied. Peter did
a double-take. When Mr. Dickson had walked into Demons office, he'd
looked HUGE.
"As you wish."
Demon replied, Peter heard the note of disappointment in his voice
and grinned.
"Now as you know,
I'm here from the Presidents Entrusted National Intelligence Service
to investigate reports of unrest in Pleasantville." Mr. Dickson
Peter nearly died
trying to keep his poker face. Across the room, Belle noticed her
fathers behaviour and raised an eyebrow. A MASTERS sinking so low as
"I appreciate you
coming in. We seem to have a strong vigilante problem here in
Pleasantville." Demon said. Peter gritted his teeth. This was
bad if Demon was turning the Government against chuckles and Giggles!
"If there's
vigilantes, that usually paints to a bigger problem." Mr.
Dickson replied.
'BURNNN!' Peter thought
with a smirk.
"I'm sure with
your help we can get to the bottom of it." Peter could hear
Demon gritting his teeth.
'Looks like life in
Pleasantville is about to get veeery interesting.' Peter thought with
a smirk as he returned to his desk.
eavesdroping is obvious." Belle said dryly as he sat down. Sure
enough, everyone on their team was looking at Peter expectantly.
"The Government is
coming down on Demons head!" Belle laughed at the tip with her
friends after work.
"Ooooh, so the Law
Enforcement Division is here?" Sunny perked up.
"Not quite…"
Belle could barely keep her face straight.
"The Ostraylan
Police Department?" Daniel looked suspicious.
"The International
Law Association?" Sammy piped up.
"NO!" Belle
groaned. She told them who had come to their rescue.
"You're telling us
that the saviors of Pleasantville are the…" Charlie snorted.
TJ giggled.
Petunia burst out laughing.
Tammy was grinning ear to ear.
Sunny looked fit to burst.
"Shut up guys!"
Belle was laughing too.
"At least the
Government is looking into it now." Daniel popped a barley sugar
into his mouth and followed it up with a swig of ginger beer. "Who
knows WHAT they'll come up with."
"Anyway, don't we
have patrolling to do?" Sammy looked at his watch.
"Sure, although I
doubt we'll need to do much if everyone's going to behave while
the…the…" Tammy started giggling again.
"Hey, if Judith is
right about the March Hill Crusaders trying to take power, this could
be the perfect time to act up." Belle pointed out. "Especially
as no one has seen Roger since Mark was slaughtered."
"Great choice of
words there." Charlie groaned.
"Well, from what I
heard, it WAS a slaughter." Belle began.
"We don't need to
hear it. Thank you." Tammy looked pale.
The group suited up and
shipped out.
"No crime over
here." Sir Hyper walked past a jewelry store.
"None here."
Sir Lionheart checked Pleasantville First Bank.
"No crime to be
seen here, except my heart being stolen." Lady Courage giggled
as she played marbles with some children.
"I think we can
say that crime is taking a break." Lady Luck walked with Sir
Sir Dark agreed.
Suddenly, they heard a
loud screaming.
"Stand down, it's
just Giggles trying to kill Chuckles." Lady Silent advised them
over their radios.
"Wonder what
Chuckles said this time." Lady Courage wondered.
They continued to
patrol in various parts of the city, stopping briefly to watch
Giggles hang Chuckles upside down in midair. ("I'M NOT SORRY!")
before they both fell into the duck pond at the park.

"Any moment
now, and the peace will be broken." Sir Lionheart stretched.
"Can't you just
enjoy our good fortune?" Sir Hyper deadpanned.
Suddenly they heard a
loud giggling. They rushed around the corner and found a Haunted Maze
Trouper counting money.
"What the hell?!"
Sir Lionheart readied his replica Dragon Scale Scythe.
"Sir Lionheart!
Look!" Sir Hyper ran to come children who were all glassy-eyed
and swaying dangerously.
"Too late! They're
hooked!" The Trouper in her pink baby mask giggled. "They'll
just want more and more and more and…"
Sir Lionheart cried.
HAHAHAHA!" The Trouper laughed. Suddenly, ten more Troupers,
each with different coloured baby masks appeared.
Sir Lionheart slapped
his watch and prepared to defend Sir Hyper, who was trying to round
up the addicted children.
"You won't beat
us. You can't survive until they get here. Why don't you just give
in?" The Troupers pulled out their knives, all of them smoking
with burning drugs just waiting to be inhaled.
Sir Lionheart stepped
back. Even though he had added breathing protection now, he was still
wary of those knives and the drugs they held.
"Give in Sir
Knight, this will feel so good, I promise you." The Trouper said
"I'll take it from
here, thank you Knight."
Sir Lionheart turned
around expecting to see a woman, and instead came face-to-face with
Richard Dickson.

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