Chapter Seventy: Busted!

Judith Jofrey narrowed her eyes at the pair who stood on the train. Chuckles and Giggles both glared back, pointing the Lions Claw Blade and the Lucky Seven Gun respectively at her.
“We have proof. Your family and their little scheme of keeping one member of the family separate to hold a legitimate front.” Lady Courage walked towards Judith.
“Buying businesses after they've been crippled by the criminal families, when the owners have no choice but to sell to survive.” Sir Hyper added.
“Tightening your control over the city piece by piece.” Sir Lionheart growled.
“Then passing on the control to your niece or nephew.” Lady Luck joined her fellow Knights.
Judith raised an eyebrow. “Fantasy.”
“You sure about that?” Giggles asked. “Do you want to see our notes?”
“Anyone with half a brain will see the connection. All the information is in the Council building, where anyone can see it.” Sir Dark pointed out.
“And it's also kept in a vault in Brisvegas, so there's no destroying the evidence.” Chuckles grinned.
Judith let out a low growl. The gig was up. If Marion knew, she'd make sure to get rid of her sister.
She backed towards her car, where she opened the door and reached in, grabbing her Mystic Eight Gun and the Dragons Scale Scythe.
The Noble Knights of the Last Order closed in as Judith removed her wig, revealing her long blonde hair. She stood before them, and there was no doubt that Judith Jofrey was the sister of Mobster Marion, the Emerald Mobster dubbed Sidewinder.
“Well done. Now die!” She attacked, firing rounds at Chuckles and Giggles while swinging the Dragon Scale Scythe at the Knights.
Alas for Sidewinder, she didn't have her Emerald Suit, so she was at an extreme disadvantage. Without Emerald Power to fortify her weapons and attacks, she was easily overwhelmed by numbers. Chuckles and Giggles didn't even need to get involved as the Noble Nights of the Last Order overpowered Sidewinder, disarming her and forcing her back against one of the trains.
“You won't kill me.” Sidewinder hissed as the group surrounded her. She didn't sound so certain though, and looked especially wary when Chuckles and Giggles landed in front of her.
Nah, we won't kill you.” Giggles said. “As long as you behave yourself.”
“And what is THAT supposed to mean?!” Sidewinder snapped.
“Lay off Peter and Belle Masters. Stop trying to scare the city into submission.” Sir Lionheart told her sternly.
“Like hell. You won't get me to turn on my family.” Sidewinder shot. She looked carefully at Sir Lionheart, something familiar about him.
“If you don't, you'll be exposed, and your family will lose everything.” Giggles snapped. “I happen to know your balance of power is in big trouble as it is.”
“You know nothing!” Sidewinder scoffed.
“Try me.” Giggles glared back.
“Face it Judith, you either behave or you lose it all.” Chuckles said.
“And we have eyes everywhere. We'll be watching you.” Sir Hyper warned.
“Count on it.” Lady Courage added.
Sidewinder growled in uncontrollable fury. How DARE they?! How had they found out?! How had they gotten proof?!
She took one last look at Sir Lionheart before snatching her weapons off Sir Dark and Lady Silent and storming back to her car. The tyres screeched as she sped off.
“I think she took it well.” Chuckles grinned.
Judith could barely breathe she was so furious and upset. How DARE they?!
She could hear their mocking voices. She could see them looking down on her, so certain they'd won, because they had. Hundreds of years of the Mobsters of Misneach, and it was all going to end with her.
She HATED them! She hated each and every one of them!
Realizing she probably wasn't the safest driver in the world at that time, Judith pulled over near Pleasantville Dam. She stepped out of the car and onto the walkway to watch the water and calm down.
I'm sorry Marion. I'm so sorry.
Judith felt hot, angry, guilty tears run down her face. She had failed.
“How COULD they? How could they have known? How could they have found out? How could…”
Suddenly she remembered their voices. She remembered Sir Lionheart. Hadn't she heard his voice so many times before? On dates with Daniel?
Her blood started to run cold. He couldn't be. He wouldn't.
Then she remembered Giggles. Her voice. Her voice that sounded EXACTLY like that meddling Belle Masters.
That would make sense. Belle was smart enough to figure it out, and if Daniel was Sir Lionheart, he'd already seen her at the timber mill getting changed.
Judith gasped. She'd figured it out. She knew who her adversaries were.
She had to tell her sister!
“You're joking. I can't believe he'd do that!” Mobster Marion narrowed her eyes at Master Revolver.
“Well, he's done it. I saw them come out of his office.” Master Revolver replied, looking serious.
They were sitting in the Misneach living room, which was quite ornately decorated in white, black and gold. Suddenly, Judith Jofrey burst in, looking harried.
“What's the matter with you? Did something go wrong with the insurance assessment?” Mobster Marion raised her eyebrow. “You look like you need a bath and a champers.”
“You're not going to believe it.” Judith panted. “Just wait until I tell you what I found out!”

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