Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Three: Are we family?

Sammy, Tammy, Sunny and TJ were
intensely watching the little screen in front of Sammy.

Well, at least until he got game over.

“Wow, just as bad at cricket in the
virtual world as you are in the real world.” Tammy quipped.

“DON'T start, we don't want to get
kicked out of here!” TJ quickly stepped in. “Besides your bowling
leaves a lot to be desired.”

“GUYS!” Sunny hissed.

Daniel walked in.

“Hey guys. Everything is still
stable, and Judy's allowed to walk around for a bit.” He told them.
He looked at the little gaming screen in front of Sammy and chuckled.
“Your in-game batting as bad as your real life huh?”

Sammy didn't hold back, dropping the
game console (which Tammy quickly caught and placed safely in her
bag) and going straight for Daniel's throat.

“SAMMY!” Sunny groaned. “Dan why
did you have to say anything when you're the LBW King?!”

Naturally Daniel pushed Sammy off him
and took a swing at Sunny. Within five minutes, it was Last Order

“Now just a gentle walk around the
hospital. Maybe we can go to the gift shop and get something?”
Marion carefully guided her sister out of the room.

“Sounds fun.” Judith smiled up at
her older sister, grateful. Then she noticed the brawl.

“What the – ?” Marion looked
horrified as Tammy choked her twin out. “I thought they were

“Cricket.” Judith said as Petunia
pinned Sunny to the ground and pummelled her.

“Aaah.” Marion nodded knowingly,
dodging Daniel throwing TJ against a wall. “Which way to the gift

“Back down the lifts and down the end
of the corridor.” Judith told her, and the two sisters left a pair
of orderlies to try and stop the brawling friends from disturbing

Belle was exhausted. But not too
exhausted to put on her Giggles outfit and chase a group of Haunted
Maze Troupers out of Bills restaurant.

“AND STAY OUT!” Giggles roared as
Bill watched the group leave (after leaving a very generous tip too).

“They weren't hurting anyone Giggles,
I don't know why you kicked them out.” Bill said as he and Giggles
walked back to the kitchen.

“They had baggies on them. They were
gonna turn this into one of their shops, and then when the heat came,
they would have blamed you.” Giggles groaned as she pulled her
helmet off. “Plus my grandparents were with them.”

“Yes, they did ask if I knew how to
get you to see reason.” Bill washed his hands then got a side of
fish out of the freezer. “I just laughed and said there was no way
to get you to change your mind once it was stuck.”

“They tipped amazingly though.”
Lizzy put her tips into a small bag.

“I'd wash my hands after handling
that.” Belle said drily. “Who knows what sort of drugs are on
that money…”

“Anyway, how's work? Getting things
under control?” Bill asked as he put the fish into a bowl and then
covered it with water.

“Not really, but there's honestly not
much more I can do until Judith gets back. I just hope I've done
enough.” Belle sighed.

They heard the bell on the door rattle,
and in walked Charlie, looking VERY pleased with himself.

“You got the signatures?” Belle

“No, still have twenty to go, and
thirty more businesses to canvas.” He said. “So I'll head out to
Oaksville tomorrow.”

“So what's with the grin?” Belle

“Webster called. Next week he's
coming out with three officials to help us get the Chamber
established.” Charlie told her.

“You've only got until next week to
get everything organised?!” Belle yelped.

“Hey, come on, it only took me a
couple of days to get twenty signatures, I'll be fine!” Charlie
beamed at her.

“Charlie Begly, you drive me up the
wall.” Belle said drily.

Suddenly her mobile phone rang.

“Hi Sunny-Bunny…your Mum called?
Why? Oh, Demon and Daryl had a fight, of course…why do you sound
like you've been in a fight too? Ah, Sammys bowling…Judith is
allowed to walk around a bit? Great, she can sign some forms for
me…no I WON'T overwhelm her with work! Yes, I know Marion won't be
happy…yeah, you too. Love ya!” Belle hung up. “Sounds like
they're having fun. Marion's getting overprotective though.”

“Do you blame her?” Lizzy started
peeling potatoes. “If anyone went after Izzy or Charlie, I'd go
after them.” She paused for a second. “I DID go after them.”
She corrected herself.

“You did?” Bill inquired. Lizzy
went pale, remembering that her parents had no idea about Lady

“Anyway, I'm gonna go…” Charlie
started when his phone went off again. “Oh, hi Mum…a Crusader at
Pleasantville Ultra-Care Hospital?! Chuckles and Giggles will be
there shortly!” He hung up.

“Are you serious?!” Belle cried.

“Yup, glad I keep my suit in my bag!”
Charlie grabbed his bag and fished out his Chuckles suit.

“The Crusader is probably hitting all
the hospitals looking for Judith.” Giggles pulled on her helmet as
Charlie got into his Chuckles attire.

“Also…we need to pick up the Lions
Claw from the tip, I left it there while canvassing.” Chuckles said
sheepishly as they were about to leave.

“I hope we're in time to make sure no
one gets hurt.” Giggles grumbled as they flew to retrieve the

Crusader Roger had just finished his
walk around Fallsville, getting his dues and making sure the populace
were still scared of him. He was looking forward to having an
afternoon nap and maybe a sandwich.

“I'll have a BLT brought up to my
office, thank you.” He walked past a few Crusaders who were hanging
out near the front gates of the March Hill compound.

“Yes sir!” Was the reply. Once
Roger was out of earshot however, the attitude changed. “Jerk.”
One of the Crusaders muttered.

“Where's Daryl, make HIM do it.”
Another Crusader suggested.

“Won't work. Daryl's gone missing
again, as usual.” Crusader Alex grumbled. “He'll do anything to
avoid pulling his own weight.”

“Doesn't he know we're not allowed
outside the compound without a pass?!” Another Crusader complained.

“I don't think Roger cares, as long
as he's not getting in anyone's way. The spoilt little runt gets
spoiled some more.” Alex said.

“What say we give him a good
thrashing when we find him?” One of the Crusaders grinned. “Teach
the spoiled little piggy that he can't just flake out on us?”

“Sounds like a good idea to me!”
The other grinned back.

“AFTER you've gotten Rogers BLT. Get
to it!” Alex barked at them, making them scatter. He smirked as
they raced to get the sandwich ready, while he looked out the window.
It was a fine day with barely a hint of a cloud in the sky, and a
cool breeze to offset the warm sun. It was starting to head into late
afternoon though, and Alex knew that no matter how painful having
Daryl around was, if the little twerp wasn't back by sundown that
Roger would wallop him.

“The little sod is in for a poor time
of it when he gets back, and I definitely am looking forward to it.”
Alex grinned to himself. “I do wonder though. Where does someone as
stupid as Daryl Jones run off to?” He murmured as the other
Crusaders quickly rushed to get Roger his food.

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