Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Four: Rest In Peace

 Nurses screamed and rushed to protect their patients. Doctors scrambled to get the high-risk patients out of the way. The Masked Crusader walked down the hall, kicking down doors and looking into the rooms, shooting wildly and nearly hitting many innocent people.

“Where are the police?!” The head nurse cried, trying to keep things under control.

“Haiter says they have more important things to do, the Mayor is having guests and needs the security.” Another nurse spat.

The head nurse went white. “No, no I will NOT let any of these patients die!” She rushed out into the hallway blindly, and tore after the Crusader. She grabbed him, not sure WHAT she was doing, only knowing she had to save her patients.

“Get off you old hag!” The Crusader her threw her to the floor and put a bullet through her chest.

“How DARE you!”

The Crusader spun around to see Chuckles and Giggles rushing towards him. He grinned to himself, and started firing at them. He knew they wouldn't kill him.

Both Chuckles and Giggles dodged out of the way of the bullets. Giggles fired back, but the Crusader didn't even flinch, knowing he was safe.

“He has to run out of ammo eventually, right?” Chuckles groaned.

“We have to save that nurse!” Giggles aimed and fired at the Crusader, hitting his shoulder.

The Crusaders eyes grew wide. He turned and began to run out of the building, with Chuckles and Giggles close behind.

Meanwhile the other nurses gathered around their coworker, calling for a doctor and trying to keep her alive.

“Did you see where he went?” Chuckles asked Giggles as she landed beside him. The Crusader had taken a set of fire exit stairs out of the building and had managed to evade the two heroes pursuing him.

“No. Darn it!” Giggles kicked a nearby bin. “OW!”

“I just hope that nurse he shot is okay. Darn it, if only I hadn't made us go back to get the Lions Claw!” Chuckles groaned.

“Well, what's done is done. The police should have done something about it, not us.” Giggles snapped. “Haiter is worse than Dingbat ever was, at least Dingbat would have sent a few interns.”

“And gotten them killed.” Chuckles snapped back. “Of course, that was one of three hospitals in Pleasantville. He's got a fifty-fifty chance of hitting the right one next time.”

“And plenty of chances to kill someone who isn't even involved.” Giggles slumped against a wall. “This whole situation stinks. Why are the Crusaders after Judith?”

“It could be another stab at power.” Chuckles suggested.

“Then why isn't Roger taking care of it himself?” Giggles pointed out.

Chuckles sighed. “I think there's a disgruntled member of the March Hill Crusaders trying to cause trouble.”

“Of course. Now their problems are our problems.” Giggles sighed. “Come on, let's go.”

The pair flew back to the tip, dejected.

“The only victim of the Masked Crusader was nurse Margaret Able, age 43. We pass on our condolences to her family.” The news droned in the background as the Knights of the Last Order continued to haunt the waiting room outside of Judiths room.

“Petunia!” TJ cried as his wife came out of Judiths room. “You look exhausted.”

“It's been touch and go for a while. Especially with Marion in there.” Petunia giggled. “But Judith is able to walk around now and the baby is fine for now. Just gotta fill out reams of paperwork now.”

“Anything we can do to help?” Daniel asked. “As far as I'm concerned nothing is too good for you right now.”

“Coffee would be great.” Petunia admitted. “Any news from Belle and Charlie?”

“I don't think they're going to be happy. A nurse was killed at Pleasantville Ultra-Care, and Chuckles and Giggles didn't get there in time.” Tammy pointed to the television that was hanging off the wall.

“Damn!” TJ groaned. “Why didn't Haiter do anything?!”

“Something about a party at Demons place.” Sunny spat. “Mum messaged. She wants to stay with me until the press backs off.”

“Are you kidding?! Someone died and all your mother can think about is herself?!” TJ yelped.

Sunny looked sad. “Yeah, well, that's my family for you.”

Daniel exhaled. “We can't really afford to argue right now. 'Tuney, is Judy able to go home yet?” He asked.

“Wellllll…” Petunia hesitated. “If she had a nurse with her, maybe. I'd have to check with the doctor.”

“Would you be able to be that nurse?” Daniel pressed.

“Are you kidding? On top of a full-time job here?!” TJ yelped.

“Exactly! No way could I do it!” Petunia cried.

“Come on, can't you take leave or something?!” Daniel groaned.

“Uh, NO, because I used up nearly all my leave taking days off whenever one of YOU guys got injured, and I can't afford to take time without pay. Plus, if I start doing that I could lose my job!” Petunia pointed out.

“But this is about Judy and my baby!” Daniel cried.

“I know you're worried about them, but I have my own life to live too!” Petunia fired back.

Sammy watched Daniel, wondering if this was the same Daniel who he had looked up to for all of his life. The Daniel who had looked out for his friends no matter what.

“Never mind!” Daniel spat. “We'll just have to continue risking Judy and my childs life here!”

“You guys surely are able to hire a nurse.” Sammy piped up.

“Do you know how much those cost?!” Daniel snapped.

“So you were going to make 'Tuney work for free?!” TJ asked.

“I thought we were friends!” Daniel accused.

“We still have rent and bills to pay!” Petunia said.

Suddenly Sammy felt a hand wrap around his. He turned to see his twin sister looking at him, worried. As the argument raged on, the siblings wondered what had happened to change things so much.

Both Belle and Charlie were dejected and devastated as they walked home from the tip.

“I'm so, so sorry. I killed someone.” Charlie kept mumbling.

“It wasn't your fault Charlie. The police should have been there, not us. The Crusader shouldn't have killed that nurse…it's not our fault…” Belle kept trying to tell him.

They made it home, and walked up to the tree.

“It's not fair. Why are we the only ones trying to change things?” Charlie wiped the tears from his eyes.

Belle didn't think it was fair at that moment to point out that since the ill-fated protest, there were now a lot of people trying to make a difference. She instead hugged her best friend tightly.

“I have to get those signatures. I have to get those signatures…” Charlie began to mutter to himself. Belle gulped. How much more could Charlie give before it became too much?

The dumb nurse had died. GREAT. Not.

Daryl seethed. Now security would be heightened and he'd never get near Judith. He was just lucky news didn't seem to implicate the March Hill Crusaders, otherwise Roger would get wind of it and the plan would be ruined.

He sighed, listening to his fellow Crusaders sleeping in bunks around him. He couldn't be certain any of them were sleeping though, he wouldn't be surprised if Roger had a mole or two in the bunks.

He shifted uncomfortably. Damn that Giggles! His shoulder hurt like nothing else, but he couldn't get it looked at without giving himself away. He'd had to steal first-aid supplies from a Pharmacy on the outskirts of Pleasantville, and had sort-of patched up his shoulder, digging out the bullet and throwing it in the trash.

He exhaled. He had suffered for a long time already. What was a little longer until Judith had given birth to her brat and was no longer under protection? It would give him time to heal too.

His father was a patient man. Daryl could be patient too.

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