Chapter Ninety-Three: Chuckles Great Idea

“I can't believe I'm doing this.” Giggles groaned as she and Chuckles walked up to City Hall.
“It'll be fun!” Chuckles replied.
“It's idiotic!”
“It's fine!”
“We're going to get into HUGE trouble.”
“We're going to causehuge trouble.”
I hate you.”
You're my sunshine too.”
Giggles groaned as they approached the front steps. Sure enough, trouble was waiting.
You're seriously just going to walk up to City Hall when the whole city knows there's a bounty out on you?!” Crusader Roger laughed. He was sitting on the steps of City Hall, and looked almost gleeful at the opportunity in front of him.
You call it a bounty, we call it an opportunity.” Chuckles grinned, unsheathing the Lions Claw Blade.
YOU call it an opportunity, I call it I just came along to keep you from getting killed.” Giggles said.
Someone else I know also calls it an opportunity.” Crusader Roger smirked. “He doesn't really like you at all.”
That narrows it down.” Giggles rolled her eyes.
We kinda like to annoy people.” Chuckles admitted.
Obviously.” Giggles snapped.
And we're good at it too!” Chuckles grinned.
Enough with the talk, it's time for some payback!”
Both Chuckles and Giggles dodged out of the way as Daryl “Ruby” Jones jumped out of some bushes and attacked with a brand-new hand-scythe.
Crusader Daryl? Still amazes me how low some people will go with their recruiting.” Giggles mused.
That's the Ruby Crusader to you!” Daryl snarled.
Chuckles and Giggles looked at each other.
Not gonna happen.”
You're Crusader Daryl.”
I mean, you can't be Ruby anymore, you don't have the Ruby Suit anymore.”
Do you need a hug?” Giggles asked.
GET OUT OF MY LIFE!” Daryl swung at her, missing by miles.
This really isn't much of a threat.” Chuckles raised his eyebrows. He then felt a gun to his back. “That is, on the other hand.”
Didn't I tell you that this was a bad idea. Didn't I tell you?” Giggles scolded as Crusader Roger forced Chuckles towards the entrance of City Hall. “I mean, you've been shot before, surely you would have learned by now to be more careful!”
It's fine, we were going inside anyway!” Chuckles grinned as they headed inside the building.
At the end of a gun?” Giggles quipped drily.
Daryl grimaced behind their backs. Chuckles and Giggles were HIS prey! HE was supposed to take them in to his father, to get his spot in the family back. Giggles noticed this.
You okay there Daryl? Looking like a dog who lost his bone.” She said.
Young Mister Daryl here is learning how to behave himself.” Crusader Roger smiled. “Isn't that right?”
Yes sir.” Daryl grumbled.
What was that?” Roger turned around to look at his underling. Chuckles took the chance and knocked the gun across the City Hall lobby.
Daryl attacked Giggles, who flew above him. He tried to grab at her while Roger and Chuckles fought, Chuckles with the Arm Scythes and Roger with his dagger.
You're pretty good, even without the Dragon Scale.” Chuckles complimented his foe.
If you were smart, you'd be using the Lions Claw.” Roger growled as he was forced back towards Daryl, who was still jumping and trying to grab Giggles.
I have plans for that.” Chuckles said as he clasped his hands together, using the Arm Scythes to grab Rogers dagger and force him back-to-back with Daryl, who was panting.
And wouldn't you know it, Giggles Backpack cut out. She dropped heavily on Roger and Daryl, knocking both men down.
YAY!” Chuckles cheered as Giggles got up and dusted herself off.
Give me one reason, ONE reason, why I shouldn't tell your mother HALF of what you get up to!” Giggles fumed.
Hey, that's below the belt!” Chuckles raised his hands to defend himself.
You're being an idiot!”
I'm being creative!”
The two friends then noticed they were being watched. Three Haunted Maze Troupers were staring blankly at them.
Why is the Haunted Maze Troupe here?” Chuckles asked.
Because you'd have to be on drugs to work here sometimes.” Giggles quipped drily, pulling out the Desert Eagle.

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