Chapter Ninety-Four: Storming the Office

“So the Haunted Maze Troupe has designs on ruling after all.” Chuckles flexed his Arm Scythes.
The Haunted Maze Troupers said nothing.
Giggles looked at Chuckles, who shrugged.
The Haunted Maze Troupers still said nothing.
“Whatever, we wasted enough time with OH THAT WAS A KNIFE!” Giggles jumped out of the way of a knife that was thrown at her by one of the Troupers. Chuckles immediately went in to defend her, disarming the Troupers with one sweep of his Arm Scythes.
The Troupers stood stock still for a minute, before leaving the building.
“I don't get them at all! What on earth is their issue?!” Giggles groaned as Chuckles watched them leave, dumbfounded.
“Honestly, I've given up thinking about it, it's not worth it.” Chuckles walked back to her.
“Anyone would think their whole point of existence was just to be annoying!” Giggles continued as they headed into the main building.
“Well, you'd know all about that.” Chuckles said slyly.
Giggles didn't see fit to dignify that with a comment.
They walked through the lobby and into the main office where Peter Masters was busy finalising a case file. He looked up, saw his daughter and her best friend, sat his case file back down, picked up his briefcase and hat and left the office.
“Thanks for the vote of confidence!” Giggles yelled after him. “Parents.” She muttered under her breath.
Just then, Master Revolver walked out of Demons office. “What are YOU two doing here?!” He exclaimed.
Chuckles grinned and got up on a table. Giggles groaned loudly.
“We are here,” Chuckles began. “We are here because our dear lord Mayor has decreed that whomever should bring him the Lions Claw Blade and the Lucky Seven Gun (which we have in our possession) would rule Pleasantville alongside him!”
“And Chuckles decided we should be the ones to present him with the aforementioned weapons and collect the bounty.” Giggles deadpanned.
Master Revolver blinked. Then he started laughing.
Everyone at their desks looked bewildered. Chuckles did his best to hold his stare-down at the laughing Revolver and Giggles once again thought about her life insurance.
“You're serious?” Revolver stopped laughing. “You're actually serious?”
“Do we LOOK like we're joking?” Chuckles folded his arms.
“And I thought Marions mental health was taking a nosedive.” Revolver shook his head, trying not to laugh again. “Do you REALISE how dangerous this is? I mean, not only do you have the Crusaders and the Troupe on your tail, but this place is swarming, SWARMING with Mobsters and Gangsters. Even if you get past us, do you REALLY think Demon is going to want YOU TWO to run this city? You go against everything he stands for!”
“We'll never know if we never try!” Chuckles grinned.
“I'm gonna die here.” Giggles lamented.
Revolve pulled out his phone and punched a few buttons. Suddenly about half the room got up out of their desks, each with some sort of weapon.
“GLENDA is a MOBSTER?!” Giggles gasped. Not Glenda! Glenda made THE best spongecake in the world! Glenda couldn't be a MOBSTER!
The Mobsters opened fire as Chuckles and Giggles jumped behind the big counter at the front of the room.
“Awesome work Chuckles. Awesome work. Now we're trapped here until they run out of ammo, after which they'll come here and skewer us. We're vastly outnumbered, outmatched and dear glob no not the Improbability Clause again!” Giggles groaned as Chuckles began to formulate a plan.
“We just need to even up the numbers a bit.” Chuckles mused. He looked at the ceiling.
“That chandelier is far too small.” Giggles told him.
“There's about ten of them.” Chuckles pointed out.
Giggles sighed. She actually LIKED those chandeliers. She fired at one with the Desert Eagle, and the chandelier crashed to the ground.
The room audibly gasped a collective gasp.
“That chandelier was beautiful!” Someone began to sob.
“That was the only nice thing we actually had in this office!” Someone else sounded devastated.
“How can I make my spongecake now knowing there's one less chandelier in the office?” Glenda lamented.
“Glenda NO!” Giggles groaned.
“A chandelier? You guys are seriously that messed up about a CHANDELIER?” Chuckles was gobsmacked.
“Buddy, look at this office. There is NOTHING here that brings even the slightest bit of happiness.” One man sighed.
“What sort of soul-sucking monsters do we even have running this city?” Chuckles wondered out aloud.
“It's DEMON, what do you expect?” Giggles pointed out.
“That's a fair point.” Chuckles rubbed his chin.
“I mean, it's not completely broken, maybe we could fix it?” Someone tried to inspect the fallen ruin.
Giggles rolled her eyes, before walking past the desks to Demons office. Chuckles followed her, looking bewildered.
Giggles gently eased the door open with her foot, before kicking it open and pointing the Desert Eagle at the empty desk.
“He's behind me isn't he?” Giggles asked.
“Noooo, but it'd be a smart move on his part.” Chuckles still stood outside the door.
“He's not in today.” Master Revolver pointed out. “Today is his golf day.”
Giggles growled. Only Chuckles standing between her and the door stopped her from going back out and shooting the rest of the chandeliers down!

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