Chapter Ninety-Five: Be Careful What You Wish For

The golf course sat
about halfway between Pleasantville and Fallsville. It was a
particularly hilly course, one that made Demon rather frustrated at
Not as frustrated as
Giggles was at that particular moment, but close enough.
“Couldn't we have
waited until tomorrow?” Chuckles gasped out as Giggles dragged him
by the collar towards hole 8. “Demon would have been in his office
“You wanted to do
this, so we're doing this!” Giggles barked.
“This was a bad
idea.” Chuckles whimpered.
“Too late now, MOVE
IT!” Giggles hauled him in front of her and started pushing him.
Meanwhile, Demon was
preparing to putt his way to a nice eagle. The wind was blowing
gently across the green, and there was a gentle slope between him and
the hole. He readied his putter, got himself into position, and
gently eased the ball towards the hole.
It went right past it.
“Wow, a bad Mayor and
a bad golfer.”
Demon tensed up. That
was the voice of Chuckles, which meant Giggles was also here.
“I wouldn't be too
stressed, I want to kill him too.” Giggles said, glaring at
“Hey, this part of
the plan was YOUR idea.” Chuckles defended himself.
Demon sucked in a deep
breath. He held it for five, then let it go in a long, slow hiss.
“How can I help you
today citizens?” Demon asked politely.
“Wow, pretty calm for
someone who's getting close to par.” Chuckles said.
“Will you shut up for
once and let someone intelligent talk?!” Giggles fumed.
“Sorry!” Chuckles
shut up.
Giggles felt a little
bad for ripping her best friend a new one, but she continued on.
“We're here to collect the bounty.”
Demon looked confused.
“You said that
whomever brought you the Lucky Seven and the Lions Claw would help
you rule Pleasantville.” Giggles was trying to keep her
exasperation and irritation under control.
“I meant for you two
to be dead.” Demon pointed out.
“You didn't expect us
to outsmart you.” Chuckles grinned.
“You seriously think
this is outsmarting me?” Demon chuckled. “I think you're both in
for a very rude shock.”
Chuckles pulled out the
Lions Claw Blade and Giggles pulled out the Lucky Seven Gun,
expecting to be attacked.
“The office is
completely open to you.” Demon continued. “Feel free to make a
few laws if you like, as long as you run them by me. After all, I
need to sign them for them to be valid.”
Giggles was shaking,
and she felt her eye twitching.
“I knew you'd see it
our way.” Chuckles bragged.
“Naturally. I'm sure
I'll see you around.” Demon said with a greasy smile. He walked
over to his ball, and with a light tap of the putter, sent it down
hole 8.
“We're leaving
Chuckles.” Giggles said.
“Catch ya later!”
Chuckles waved as Giggles flew the both of them away back to the tip.
“You remember the
protest, right?” Giggles asked as they soared over the countryside
back to Pleasantville.
“How could I forget
it?” Chuckles shuddered.
“Don't DO that while
I'm flying!” Giggles scolded. “I'm just worried this is the exact
same thing.”
“How can it be? We're
in charge!” Chuckles laughed.
“I guess so.”
Giggles couldn't help but smile.
Until the Backpack cut
out yet again, sending our heroes into a pile of manure.
in fury.
“Calm down Marion.”
Master Revolver tried to get her to sit down.
DOWN!” Marion slapped him, hard.
They were in Demons
office, and had just discovered that the Mayor had handed the keys to
the city over to the two heroes who made their lives difficult.
“Marion, sit DOWN.”
Revolver grabbed the Mobster and pulled her into a seat. She fumed as
he then turned to address Demon. “You have to admit this looks bad.
Everything we've set to achieve could be undone because you want to
keep to your word.”
“Don't be silly my
dear man. Have a chocolate liqueur.” Demon offered Revolver a tray
of delicious chocolates.
“You're offering me a
chocolate. Are you out of your mind?” Revolver asked, doing his
best to remain calm.
“Of course. I'm
civilized after all.” Demon smiled.
“Of course you are.
That's what's gotten us into this mess.” Revolver grumbled.
Demon chuckled.
“Oh my dear man.”
He grinned. “Haven't you heard the saying that you should be
careful what you wish for, because you just might get it?”
Revolver stiffened, and
took a chocolate.
“Oh dear Chuckles and
Giggles.” Demon turned to look out of the window. “You should
have been very, VERY careful before you made your wish!”

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