Chapter Forty-Six: The Improbability Clause

“YAY!” Lizzy clapped her hands with
Madeliene, who had just finished a shape matching game on the
computer. “You're such a smart little girl!”

Madeliene laughed. Lizzy beamed. Sure,
for a seventeen-year -old babysitting wasn't the coolest thing to be
doing, but there was just something about the young Masters that drew
Lizzy to her. She agreed with Sam that childcare and teaching were
the best things in the world, and was already preparing her
University application to get into early childcare.
We won't go into the crush that she has
on Sam though.
Madeliene was moving on to the next
level of the very simple puzzle game and Lizzy helped her. Already
Madeliene was showing signs of her family heirloom, the Masters high
IQ that got the Beglys out of so much trouble.
If you believe in that stupid
Improbability Clause.
smirked to herself.
soon walked in with Hugo, both carrying copious amounts of shopping.
got you some nice things too!” Izzy waved a bag at Lizzy, who
guys. Who's the smartest little girl in the world?” Lizzy soon
returned to doting on Madeliene. Hugo chuckled and Izzy rolled her
She flopped down on
the couch and flicked on the news.
Video of Chuckles, Giggles and the Knights of the Last Order fighting
off the Death Valley Mobsters showed.
should get going! Come Liz.” Izzy quickly got up. “I've got your
stuff in my room.”
can't just leave Madels!” Lizzy retorted. “Lady Sunlight and Sir
Moonlight can handle this without me.”
be fine, Mum's home!” Izzy pointed out, pulling her twin sister up.
kiddo, I've gotta go save Pleasantville.” Lizzy reluctantly got up.
Madeliene looked
devastated. Tears began to form and fall from from her eyes.
gotta save the city.” Lizzy pleaded.
Madeliene cried. “Uggles 'n Iggles!”
and Giggles won't save Pleasantville…” Lizzy tried to tell the
little girl.
'n Iggles!” Madeliene pleaded, crying loudly.
Lizzy looked sadly
at the little girl.
"Come ON."
Izzy urged.
The last thing
Lizzy saw as she walked out the door was Madeleine in tears.
The interaction was
still playing on Lady Starlights mind when she, Lady Sunlight and Sir
Moonlight rushed to the shopping centre. The plan was to rush in and
finish off Master Revolver and Mobster Marion.
up Starlight, you're slowing us down!” Lady Sunlight urged her twin
sister on as they ran.
just…I'm just thinking we should go the other way.” Lady
Starlight said suddenly, for some reason wanting to delay the
inevitable clash between themselves and their brother Chuckles.
Sir Moonlight looked at her quizzically.
Lady Starlight was
about to say “Never mind”, when she heard little Madelienes voice
Uggles 'n Iggles!”
I do.” She shot. Without waiting for a reply, she ran down another
street, leaving Sir Moonlight and Lady Sunlight bemused.
let's go.” Lady Sunlight ran after her sister, followed by Sir
Their path lead
them close to the Council building, and sure enough they found Ruby
Daryl three blocks down heading to the battle between the Death
Valley Mobsters and the Noble Knights of the Last Order/Chuckles and
it's YOU three. I thought you'd be at the mall already, looking for
your fill of blood.” Ruby Daryl saw them first, and smirked beneath
the Ruby Mask.
you're definitely not getting there!” Lady Sunlight threw her yo-yo
at him. He dodged and threw a Ruby Blast at the three, who
honestly think you three stand a chance against me, all nine of the
Last Order took me on and they LOST!” Ruby Daryl laughed as an
arrow from Sir Moonlight was expertly blocked by a Ruby Shield.
kidding me!” Ruby Daryl cried as one of Lady Starlights throwing
stars landed in one of the shoulder boxes. “Do you know how hard it
is to repair this thing?!”
have some idea.” Lady Starlight thought of Ruby Giggles.
Lady Sunlight tried
another shot with her yo-yo, managing to embed it in Ruby Daryls arm.
He roared in pain and yanked his arm into his chest, pulling Lady
Sunlight in for a direct hit. She went sprawling to the ground, the
yo-yo landing beside her.
Sir Moonlight tried
another arrow, which was blocked by the Ruby Shield, as was another
throwing star from Lady Starlight. He threw two Ruby Shards at the
pair, missing Lady Starlight but hitting Sir Moonlight.
no.” Lady Starlight groaned. It was just her and Ruby now. She
didn't think she was strong enough nor fast enough to take him alone.
She leaped out of
the way as another Ruby Blast was thrown at her. She threw one of her
throwing stars in retaliation, which was stopped by a Ruby Shard. She
only had five left. She couldn't waste them, unless she could somehow
gather up the ones she'd already lost.
She decided the best method of survival
was to try and either wear him down (nearly impossible) or antagonise
him into a rash close-range attack. She ran circles around him,
barely dodging Ruby Shards and Ruby Blasts.
"Stay still you little witch!"
Ruby Daryl roared in fury. He was getting agitated, playing into Lady
Starlights plans. What she HADN'T planned for was his new trick – a
Ruby Sword.
Thankfully, she
didn't have to. A bullet that was obviously from the Lucky Seven Gun
narrowly missed Ruby Daryls other shoulder box, causing him to swear
TWO?!” He roared in fury.
Now.” Chuckles stood below Giggles, his arm still in a sling.
Ruby Daryl hissed through gritted teeth. He wonkily flew away in a
a good thing you guys DID get him though, if he'd arrived at the mall
any earlier and we would have all been in deep diabolical doo-doo.”
Giggles waved to the three Outer Knights, who were slowly pulling
themselves together.
go blow it out your ear Giggles.” Sir Moonlight scowled, before
making off with his two companions.
Chuckles and Giggles were appropriately affronted.
do have a point, it WAS lucky we went that way instead of heading
directly to the mall.” Lady Sunlight smiled approvingly at her
sister as they headed back to their base of operations, a small
deserted café near the edge of the city.
what a bit of dumb luck can do.” Sir Moonlight agreed.
Lady Starlight said
nothing. She had an uncomfortable, sneaking suspicion that what had
just happened hadn't been dumb luck at all, and if her sister ever
found out, well, she'd never forgive her. For Lady Starlight was
coming to the dreaded realisation that with the help of the baby
Madeline Masters, she'd just done what she'd sworn she'd never, EVER
Lizzy Begly had
just taken advantage of the Improbability Clause.
Thomas Begly sighed
as he walked into the kitchen after a long day at work, followed by
his usual philosophical beer with Peter Masters. As he walked to the
fridge, he noticed his wife digging into a very large chocolate
that really necessary dear?” He foolishly asked.
look at it this way, if you or the kids piss me off I still have to
deal with you, I can't just get rid of you. If this cake gives me the
shits I just have to go to the toilet and the problem is solved.”
Was Bettys reply.
Thomas opened his
mouth and raised his finger ready for a rebuttal, but wisely thought
the better of it. “Can't argue with that logic love.” He said,
walking out of the kitchen.
He walked into the
lounge room and had just sat down when his two daughters walked in,
one looking pleased but bruised, and the other looking harassed but
I even WANT to know what you two got up to?” Thomas raised an
riding. Lizzy wouldn't get on, but I did and I might have had a
tumble or two.” Izzy lied, looking cheekily at her father.
Lizzy agreed quietly.
okay Liz?” Thomas looked at his youngest daughter (by ten minutes),
tired out. I think I'm going to go to bed early.” Lizzy sighed and
slowly trudged up the stairs, her mind weighed down by the conflict
between what she thought she knew and what had happened.
She remembered the
fight that her grand-father Charles Howzat had had with his long-time
best friend and the grand-father of Belle and Madeliene, Joe Masters,
who had also been the best friend of her other grand-father, Tim
Begly. She flopped down onto her bed. She couldn't deny that she had
Begly blood flowing through her veins, but there was also the strong
Howzat influence as well. She couldn't unhear the arguments, the
assertion that the 500-year-old Masters Code was old and redundant,
an excuse to be a coward, the assertion that the 500-year-old Begly
Improbability Clause was nothing more than dumb luck and a complete
myth. Yet she couldn't deny what she had not only seen with her own
eyes, but caused by the fact that she had listened to a Masters.
It was
doing her head in. How Charlie had managed to reconcile the two
sides together was beyond her, but it seemed that he had done it. How
else could he justify using his grand-fathers weapons as his own? The
Arm-Scythes had been Charles Howzats signature weapon for most of his
rolled over onto her back and sighed. It was just a coincidence.
That's all it was. There was no Improbability Clause and the Masters
Code was still archaic.
This is what Lizzy
Begly believed.

what she thought, anyway.

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